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ideas for a third date?

ok basically im dating a girl, on the first date we went for a drink, the second date we went to the beach (even with the british weather), so now im stuck for what to do for a third date.....any ideas? thanks :>

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    Cook her a meal?

    chester zoo haha.. :)

    yours ;)

    go out round town get drunkk lotssss

    watch a filmmm..

    go for a meallll

    sex :D

    typical answers lol x

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    that's a very good question, and im happy to answer it.

    the thing is, when we're young, it's easy to fall in love. but usually (and im not saying for all), young love doesn't last forever. heartbreaks, betrayal, and bad things come along with something great even though we don't like to admit it.

    but the thing u start to understand when ur growing up is u start to see more things in people that help u make better decisions and therefore, being wiser when jumping into a relationship. in other words, we've all been through it. there's no such thing as "deserve" love. don't get me wrong, love is good and nice to have in our lives. but things happen for a reason. and just because u don't find love now, u shouldn't feel down and envy anyone else. u move at your own pace. people's tastes change. so don't worry or try so hard to find love. it'll find u on it's own. the people that NEED love, r making a mistake. because the greatest thing u can ever do in a relationship is realize that your love for each other is greater than your need for each other. i know this all sounds corny, but it's mostly true >.< i have lots of sources.

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    Think out of the box when it comes to dates. Do things that are unexpected and fun. You want her to feel like when she’s with you anything is possible. Learn here

    She’s been on plenty of dinner-and-a-movie dates. Do a little research and find interesting places and things to do around town that’s out of the ordinary. There are hidden gems in every city. Also, get to know the owners of small restaurants and business. When your date is known by the people in the establishment, it feels more like you’re being invited into his inner circle. Just be aware that there’s a fine line between being impressive and showing off. Make sure that you make your date feel like you’re inviting her in and sharing instead of being a douche. It all goes back to intentions.

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    An early film followed by a meal is a good third date. You have time to relax and a ready conversation for the restaurant.

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    Golf. My boyfriend took me to play that last valentines day at a near by golf course (don't worry he did some other romantic stuff afterwards lol). But yea it was actually really fun and quite romantic weirdly. Plus it's cheap lol (yep you've guessed, we're students) Definately recommend it, maybe go out for a meal afterwards or pub lunch even

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    Definately not a movie, unless you follow it up with ice cream or coffee or something, where you can share your ideas. Movies are cliche... you basically sit there, and cant say a word to each other. Maybe later, but not 3rd date.

    Go bowling or miniature golf or something... let her win. ;)

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    How about something fun? I always think date where you both end up laughng are the best. maybea theme park / fun fair or a comedy club?

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    3 date rule you must know the rules.... sex on the third date or get rid.... you put in the effort now its time to reap the rewards!!!!

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    go to dinner, movies, dancing, coffee, a play, walk around the park, art museum...

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