Could somebody fill me in with the meanings of lol/omg etc?

and give me some more with meanings.

trying to keep up to date now the kids are leaving me behind in the world of text and technology.....

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    Your responders blew me away with their answers. Here I was thinking I was cute and up to date knowing what S.O. B. was and they come up with all of this stuff. I have tried to learn Spanish all my life so I could talk with some of my friends but if they start coming up with this computer speak stuff in Spanish I 'm going to be S. O. L.

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    OMG= oh my gawd

    LOL = laughing out loud

    ttyt or ttyl = talk to you tomorrow or talk to you later

    rotflmao =rolling on the floor laughing my a** off

    :-( sad face :-) happy face

    bff best friend forever

    bf/gf boy friend /girl friend

    These are just the more simple ones.

    gr8 means great. ur- your u- you

    That's why spelling and grammar has flown out the window in the last 10-15 years kids use computer speak more so than standardized english and their teachers let them get away with it.

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    1 decade ago

    Lol = Laugh out loud

    OMG= Oh My God!

    Wubu2= What you been up to

    Wuu2= What you up to

    g2g= Got to go

    Brb= Be Right Back

    ROFL = Roll on the floor laughing

    wb= Welcome back

    LMFAO= Laugh my f***ing a** off

    LMAO= Laughing my a** off

    lyl= love you lots

    stfu= shut the f*** up

    w.e= what ever

    wtf= what the f***?

    PMSL= P**s myself laughing

    omd'z= Oh my days

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    LOL, laughing out loud. OMG, omygod. LMAO, for those who like using that donkey word, laughing mine off. BTW, by the way. Those are the ones I know. What the kids have added, I don't know.

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    IMHO - in my humble opinion (A variation on Large Rat's answer).

    20 - location

    LIC - Like I care

    MEH - the sound meh...while shrugging your shoulders. A shrug.

    DW - dear or darling wife

    DH - dear or darling husband

    TTFN - Ta Ta for now

    I use the Netlingo web site that swordof_vermillion posted, and a couple of others:

    Source(s): Netlingo Webopedia Text Messaging Abbreviations (Includes emoticons a the bottom of the page) Walt's Internet Glossary
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    1 decade ago

    Lol = Laugh out loud

    OMG= Oh My God!

    ROFL = Rolling on the floor laughing

    LMAO= Laughing my *** off

    Wubu2= What you been up to

    Wuu2= What you up to

    G2g= Got to go

    Brb= Be Right Back

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    lol ~ laugh out loud or laughing out loud


    lolrotf ~ laughing out loud rolling on the floor

    lmao ~ laughing my *ss off

    ty ~ thank you

    yw ~ you're welcome

    GG ~ good game

    WTG ~ Way to go

    hagd ~ have a good day

    gl ~ good luck

    idk ~ I don't know

    btw ~ by the way

    syl ~ see you later

    bbl ~ be back later

    brb ~ be right back

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  • lol = laugh out loud

    brb= be right back

    idk= i don't know

    omg = oh my God

    lmao = laughing my *ss off

    btw = by the way

    bfn= bye for now

    This are the ones i know on top of my head!

    See link below for a whole dictionary of SMS language.

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    This is a must have bookmark.

    Acronym Finder

    You type in the letters and it gives you all the things that those series of letters stand for.

    Then there is always the Urban Dictionary for urban slang.

    ( which sometimes tells you more than you want to know )

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