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Anonymous asked in SportsWrestling · 1 decade ago

What If Triple H Never Married Stephanie McMahon!?!?

It's quite obvious that alot of WWE Superstars as well as fans all fill the same way about Triple H & his unfair advantage he gets from being married to the bosses daughter,and the general felling is we all hate it & him(i just so happen to be one of those fans),but i want to know what you guys think would happen if Triple H never married Steph? Would the WWE be a hell of alot of a better place than it is now? Personally i hate this may he's constantly in the beats storylines on whatever brand he's on,he's always in the title picture every 2 months when he's not champion,and probaly the worst of them all he always buries his opponents no matter who they are(which is the reason why you hardly ever see him get beat up whater it be post or pre match) and ever gives the new guys a chance.Look at all of the people who have gladly jobbed to the new younger talent,Hardcore Holly,Shawn Michaels,Kane,The Undertaker,Ric Fliar the list goes on,but Triple H isn't on nor will he ever be on that....


list,because he's a backstage political championship hungry bastard. So what do you guys think?

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Update 2:

To bestthingoing lol that's funny.

Update 3:

To stumesa35 that's what i'm saying he'd be jobbing to young talent like the other REAL pro wrestlers.

Update 4:

To Rose what the hell are you talkin' about? Of course they had a wedding on TV that was scripted & storylined,but they got married in real life too duh infact the have 2 kids together with another one on the way.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Starred Dude, that is the reason I created the group WHT




    I mean really dude, I am so badly annoyed by that Politcal powerhouse.

    Because of his politics, he has won 12 world titles so far, where guys like HBK, Y2J and Undertaker combined have won lesser titles than him, when we all know that these guys are like 20 times better than this bastard political freak mutant. He has won almost everything in WWE, ROYAL RUMBLE, Tag-Titles, Europian Championship, IC, WHC, WWEC, King of the ring etc.

    But he rarely does more than 5-6 moves in the ring. He is slowest wrestler in the buisiness. His matches are far away from being exiting.

    Now look HHH vs. Mark Henry from RAW Draft show, for example. Every one bashes Mark for being a bad wrestler but it was MARK Who carried HHH for the whole match.

    All HHH does in the ring is- gets beaten by his opponent for whole match, then some punches, highknee, spine-buster and fake move Pedigree and pins his opponent. His move-set has less moves than Cena have.

    PLUS- He has destroyed the carreer of Y2J and many others.

    PLUS HHH is the only case where,

    Number of titles is greater than number of moves.



    In Short ,

    HHH Sucks

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Honestly, no. He would be like a 4-5 time World Champion if he wasn't married to Steph. He can wrestle but Vince won't make him a 13 time world champion. Ric Flair is a 16-time World champ but only won 2 WWE Championships in WWE. An example of what Vince probably would have done to Triple H.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Triple H would've gotten title shots,anyways,and the Undertaker and Triple H might be on the same brand any year from 2002 to this year.He'd also have jobbed to the likes of Carlito,Shelton Benjamin and Cody Rhodes.And Stone Cold Steve Austin would've still wrestled in WWE.

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  • Kris
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    He would still be champion.he would still be a future hall of famer and be considered one of the greatest if not the greatest.He would still be the King of Kings.He would have still been creator of Evolution,co founder of DX.He would still have been champion and have held many championships.He would still be the Game and still be that damn good.Triple H was champion before he married Stephanie.He was a part of one of the biggest factions.He made Evolution.He made stars out of Randy Orton and Batista.He revived Flair's career when it was becoming a shadow and fading.He did push stars,ex Jeff Hardy,Shelton Benjamin.All of y'all that hate him or don't like him are quick to use the excuse of that he married the boss' daughter so that's why he's so great.Y'all are just full of sh%@.Triple H really is that damn good and one of the greatest.All those great matches he's had with Shawn Michaels,Mick Foley,Austin,Rock,and so on.He's been involved in some of the greatest rivalries.He's put his body on the line.He came back from two quad injuries.He gives everything he has year round,non stop.He does more than what you think.He is the Game,the King of Kings,the Cerebral Assassin,and is that damn good.

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  • If Triple H never married Stephanie, he would still be in the main event, no doubt about it. He probably would not be a 12 time world champion, but he would still be a top guy. More guys would definetly be put over though, and we would not see HHH in the title picture all the time.

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  • HHH would be a boring mid carder like Kennedy and would have no respect from anyone, it is very annoying that HHH is the champion, just because he does Stef

    He deserves to lose the title to someone more exciting like Edge or Undertaker, those guys have spent many years mid-card and now deserve to have long title runs

    I just noticed that Edge's gimmick with Vickie is HHH in real life (taking advantage of their partner)

    Rose, please understand that WWE is scripted

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  • BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA at Rose comment... he said that HHH and Steph married was fake/scripted/one of WWE storyline but yet he said that Edge and Vickie has something going on! Wtf??? Okay, I respected to Triple H for what he's doing and bringing to the company but I think he doesn't need titile to proves he's the best right now. We all know he's the best so please give a new face in wrestling/WWE a chance will ya?

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  • 1 decade ago

    You seriously think he married her? Seriously?

    Look at most of the WWE, I love it to death I won't deny it.. But its all for the entertainment.

    And quite honestly, Edge did worse... The ONLY way he keept his title was since he was going to marry the GM. Only freaking way..I ma glad he is not.

    Also, if you didn't notice most WWE superstars do what it takes to get at the top. Look how long HHH has been there. Shawn Micheals, Kane, Undertaker, Ric Flair... How do you think they are [[well besides undertaker and ric flair]] still in the game and STILL famous. Think about it, it makes sense.

    Do you know what HHH has even been though? How many years he has been THERE? seriously there are better ones but he still needs his glory and there are many MANY people who love him. I do... He is one of my faves.

    Just look at what he has all been able to do.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The there would be no king of kings & 12 time world champion.

    If there wasn't tripleh, the son-in-law of vince then there would be `blond haired jobber losing mostly all the matches & being as low card level wrestler - Terra Ryzing

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    more exciting wwe exist on

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