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Swallowed Isopropyl Nitrate?

I've just swallowed nearly a full bottle of Isoproyl Nitrate (Poppers) I don't feel anything. Am I poisoned?


Because my relationship has ended with my partner and he was telling how he has found someone else after 1 week we split. Saying how he is more interesting than me etc..

Update 2:

I drank it mixed with water.. that will make the effects lesser?

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    Yes. Get help immediately

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    You should get to a hospital immediately. This is a colorless but very harmful substance and can turn your skin blue. You don't want that, you may start feeling dizzy, included with nausea. It can change the colors of your fingers, arms, lips, fingernails, or even the tongue, since this gets in trough the body and affects it slowly. You should probably call the poison control center?

    Here are some things that happen when this is swallowed.

    Abnormal Blood levels

    Bronchospasm which is... like... spasm of a certain muscle.

    Congenital heart disease

    Heart failure

    Heart valve disease


    Hypoventilation which is like breathing very fast, not getting enough air.



    It irritates skin trough skin contact, and it can be harmful from

    inhaling and also, swallowing of course.

    I think, and I think everyone else would say, please, get to a hospital.

    And one more question if its OK to ask, why did you drink nearly a full bottle of Isopropyl Nitrate?

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    If you can't feel anything your probably dead, I would say you can not accidentally swallow a bottle of tablets so it had to be intentional, are you trying to commit suicide, or what keep us appraised of you journey into the next world, or call the Emergency services for help

  • first thing i think u should do is drink lots of milk then u

    better get urself to a doctor anyway i hope there is

    nothing wrong with u.

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    ooooh I have just eaten a dead rat, please feel sorry for me for being so thick, please call a doctor and burden the NHS a bit more as I am such a wonderful character the world would be lost without me.

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