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question for people who have drove or owned a renault 5 gt turbo?

hi i'm think'ing of buy'ing a Reno 5 gt turbo,i was %100 sure i want'ed to buy one but after that i herd some bad things about them like they blow up catch on fire coz the turbo gets so hot witch i would sort because i would get a turbo timer to cut the engine out and let it worm up befour i drive it the main thing is what are they like to drive?i been told they dont handle verry well is this true?can anyone give me a review on what you think they are like to drive?and if you liked it est

many thanks to people who can help.

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    Any 5 GT Turbo is twenty years old, give or take a couple, and will have been ragged mercilessly for all that time but they are a phenominal little car when they're right. Heat has always been their enemy - it's cramped and hot under the bonnet but that doesn't mean they blow up and I'm not aware of them ever catching fire becaue of the turbo heat [that was actually the favourite trick of the earlier, rear engined 5 Turbo 2!].

    In period [and today] a 5GT Turbo would hold on to most things up to about 100mph [only where the law permitted of course!] and it was only well into three figures that something like a 5-litre V8 Mercedes could begin to pull away.

    More than that, as well as running 5GT Turbos on the road I raced them in the Elf/Renault UK 5GT Turbo Cup one-make racing series. If you want a tribute to their handling, the series used very hard, long lasting Michelin slicks with essentially standard suspension geometry, albeit with bigger stiffer dampers. In any open test sessions, a 5 GT Turbo Cup car could comfortably hold any full blown BTCC car of the period round corners and often under braking too - though those 500bhp Sierra Cosworths did get down the straights faster.

    Whoever told you they didn't handle, hasn't tried to wrestle round corners some of the horrors I've driven! The steering isn't power assisted so it's probably heavier than most new hatchbacks but the precision and feedback is excellent. The brakes were great for their time; still very adequate but there's no anti-lock - but that just means you have to concentrate a bit more. Grip levels on decent tyres are good even by today's standards. The clutch action was always heavy but if it was impossibly heavy, like treading on a brick, that usually meant cable problems from the heat.

    If you buy one and get a good one, I'm sure you'll enjoy it! I hope this helps.

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    They can be quite fast if tuned the right way. Could prove a bit expensive to mod in the USA as you would have to import some of the parts from Europe. But in Europe it's quite a popular racing car. Most people buy one just for racing. The interior in stripped down, the engine modded and they become really, really fast because of their light weight. However, if you want a smooth ride and a car for your everyday use, it's not such a good choice.

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    They are fantastic, genuinely quick & very well handling & will completely embarass most other cars on most real roads. Generally reliable to be honest, but bodies tend to rot if neglected.

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