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Are mix breeds good dogs to have?

I'm thinking about getting a puppy from the website Nextday pets.com and they have some pug mixs on there and they are pug mixed with cocker spainels(pukers) and i was wondering if mix breeds have any genetic disorders or anything like that (i watch judge judy lol) but i heard they can have health problems so I'm just double checking before i actually place the order



I would like to buy a pug mix and i'm wondering if they are good dogs to have and I heard that they have alot of genetic disorders. Also are websites good to buy a puppy from and ps. I DO NOT SUPPORT PUPPY MILLS!!!!!!! I THINK ITS WRONG!! so dont say "oooh you support puppy mills because i dont! the website is called nextdaypets.com and was rated five stars and i have few friends who bought their puppies from their and they had no probelms. SO RELAX

I just want to know before i get the dog i dont want to be unprepared

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    NO! Next day pets is a puppymill BYB haven. That is ALL that ever advertises there. If a mix is what you'd like, go to www.petfinder.com and adopt one form your area.

    ADDED: READ MY LIPS- NEXTDAY PETS ONLY SERVES IRRESPONSIBLE BREEDERS. If you buy form them, you ARE supporting irresponsible breeding.

    Source(s): Rescuer, vet tech, groomer and show exhibitor of Shetland sheepdogs for 20 years.
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    If you want a mix breed your best choise is to go to a shelter and save a dog. Pukers are probably as the name sounds, any dog breed just because its cute and the 'breeder' will get money off of is a bad dog. These dogs can also have many many health issues and temperment issues, at least a shelter dog will most likely not have a temp. issue because they are screened before going up for adoption. By buying a 'designer' dog you are supporting these people that breed messed up puppies for the money. These weird mixes dont usually last very long, because they are only bred for looks, not health tested etc/

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    Seriously, PUKER?! You're going to PAY for something called a PUKER?!

    Nextdaypets is nothing but an outlet for Puppy Mills. Do not support a mill by buying a dog there.

    If you want a mixed breed, rescue one from a shelter www.petfinder.com. There are tons of mixed breed dogs just waiting for a forever home.

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    In general, mixed breed dogs are good dogs to have. Provided you save a life and get one from a shelter instead of patronizing backyard breeders who give cutesy names to mixes. Adopt one from the shelter and you can call it whatever you want. I had a hound mix that wasn't all too bright. We called her a Hungarian Upid-stay. Amazing the number of people who would say, "Oh, my uncle had one of those."

    But before you get any mixed breed dog, best to do some research on the breeds that make up the mix. A border collie/jack russel mix, for example, is going to be a high-energy, hyper dog that needs a lot of physical and mental stimulation. A pug/cocker mix may have breathing problems since pugs have no muzzle to speak of and cockers usually have a shorter muzzle. Also, what kind of grooming would you be looking at? Pugs need their wrinkles cleaned regularly, cockers need routine brushing to prevent mats.

    Many people will tell you that mixed breeds have "hybrid vigor" that prevents them from having health problems. A mix generally won't have the same health problems that a purebred would have, but sometimes they pick up the bad genes from BOTH contributing mixes and can end up having more problems. Such as pugs having a tendency towards patella luxation and a cocker having a tendency towards cherry eye. Basically, any dog can have health problems, some are just more prone to them than others.

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    It depends what two breeds your breeding first of all. for example is it was a great dane and a chihuahua mix, then you'll have problems. If it's a cocker spaniel and a pug by the way this is usually the results...(if it's EXACTLY looking half and half)

    )it will be a bit more aggressive then an average pug.

    )it will have less respiratory problems like pugs.

    )might not be able to swim.

    )cannot support cold temperature or hot temperature

    I would recommend to take the one that looks more of a cocker spaniel, for dogs if it looks like a certain breed it usually is more like that breed. I suggest that because even pure bred pugs have usually health problems

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    I wouldn't recommend purchsing a designer dog from a website. I also would never get a pug mix - those dogs just aren't that bright, nor cute.

    We rescued our mix from our local animal control - she had been found in the winter wandering along a country road. She is black lab and rottweiler and is WONDERFUL! She is the best dog we've ever had (and we've had AKC champions). Mixes aren't prone to health problems, like some purebreds are, but you don't want a puppy from a puppymill either! Know where your dog comes from! Who the breeder is, the parents, etc... or go rescue a dog!

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    It is going to matter more what the health of the parents are than if it is a mix or not. Personally, I love dogs, and I could care less what their pedigree or lack of it says. Just know that with a mix that the temperament can go either way or be mixed, too, so you might get a dog who acts like either parent or both.

    With all that said, have you looked at www.petfinder.com for your new friend? I don't know that I would buy a pup when there are so many delightful dogs available for adoption.

    Good luck!

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    Mixed breeds from a shelter are great. That website is full of puppy mill dogs. You don't have to be told how bad that is. The thought of a "Puker" actually makes me want to PUKE!

    Go to your local shelter or rescue and find an adorable little mixed breed there.

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    dogs in shelters need your help and yes mixes do have FAR less medical problems than purebreds because of a variation in the genetic makeup. Mixes are typically much healthier than pures but it really depends on the individual dog. Also, if you're ordering a dog off of a website, i'm thinking it wont be the healthiest thing in the world. Shopping for a dog on the internet is wrong. it's not an article of clothing, it's a living thing. would you want someone "placing an order" for YOU over the internet? arent you worth more than that? so are animals.

    don't shop, ADOPT

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    Why on earth would you buy a dog you can't see and touch and interact with before? That is insanity! Go to a local shelter or humane society and don't put money in the pockey of a puppy mill or back yard breeder!

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    Pugs aren't a good breed to be mixed with anything, honestly.

    Thats just my opinion, though.

    ANY dog can have health problems. I've noticed all the mixed breeds I've had have had more health problems than the purebreeds I have now, though.

    I like my little puggies all on their own!

    Source(s): Pug owner.
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