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Whats a dream-boy for a girl (ladies answer and guys input)?

both physcially/mentally and other qualities!

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    Here’s 25 qualities that make a good boyfriend:

    25. He will surprise you with the small gestures, even when it's no special occasion, but not frequently enough that these surprises are expected.

    24. When he's planning a party involving invitation, he rights your invitation, first, and last, mails one, and personally delivers the other to you.

    23. He'll survive "Being Killed" in a computer or console game, when you want to get his attention, and won't blame you when he meets his spectacularly bloody end.

    22. He Notices when you get your hair done, and doesn't tell you that you look like a man now.

    21. Once in a while, after months or years of being together, he goes into an entire new period of concentrated kind gestures, gifts, and fun dates, as so to not let things run stale.

    20. He talks solidly to you, about anything, for a Minimum 20 minutes a day, even away on business. Busy schedule? He'll have to make the time.

    19. When the time is available, he'll stay up chatting over the phone, or across a pillow, for Hours, and then let you sleep in the morning to catch up on lost sleep.

    18. He has a small jealous streak, to let you know he cares about you, but doesn't allow this to consume him with a possessive personality over you.

    17. He'll accept you for all your quirks, loving the cute ones that define you as who you are, and forgiving the ones that aren't so cute "Hun, I bought my 3000th pair of shoes today, what do you think?"

    16. He will always support you in any conflicts you have, during those conflicts, but will reserve the right to air his point of view on the whole situation, if he feels things could be handled differently, when he talks to you privately about it with you, after supporting you in the conflict anyways.

    15. He will be your voice of reason, thinking as a logical second set of eyes when you want to do something that could be very stupid, he will tell you his concerns on the matter to make them clear, and then if you still want to do it, He'll support you straight through to the end.

    14. He calls you Beautiful rather than Hot, and truly knows that Beauty is the combination of Physical and personality appeal, rather than Hot which is simply raw Physical appeal

    13. Has the Nerve to be honest with you, even when the answer to the question you asked, is going to hurt.

    12. If something is troubling him, he'll tell you the whole situation, and ask for your advice, because he values your opinions.

    11. He will like your pets, take any medication he needs to be able to handle them, and buy them a pet treat from time to time, they're part of your family, and should be treated as such.

    10. He Will NOT find some "Accidental" way to kill Fluffy the Dog, or Princess the Kitty, because the Animal sensed his Devil stench

    9. When you want to take Dance Lessons, he agrees to join you, as a dance partner, if it's ballet, he should agree to wear a tutu, though for pole dancing, he will only agree to be there to watch.

    8. He will give you the moral support you may need from time to time, letting you know that you can achieve anything that you put your mind to.

    7. He has enough guts, that when you say you want to do some crazy, near suicidal experience, he'll give you a passionate kiss while you're freefalling from that airplane.

    6. He will realise that the key to a girl’s heart, is not jewellery, but him having a healthy relationship with her best friends.

    5. He is of the maturity to be able to realize, that he does have faults. Not all of which can just be overcome easily, but for you, he tries to be a better man.

    4. He will learn from His Mistakes.

    3. When he sees that you're pissed off, or upset about something, he first asks if ‘you are Ok?’ And then asks if ‘you want’ to tell him what's wrong.

    2. Puts the Toilet Seat DOWN, and cleans the whole toilet, without being asked once a week. Untold small girlfriends have been eaten sewer gators because of careless Boyfriends leaving the seat up.

    1. He makes YOU feel like the Perfect Girlfriend.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Ohhhhhhh. well there are so much I do not think I can fit them all here let me just post two of my biggest annoyances. 1) Please please if I do something that bothers you do tell me in the next 15 minutes of the moment you learned it or leaved this action. Do not wait up 6 months and bring it up in a random fight just to make an argument stronger. If nothing else I am under the impression that something that actually bothers you has no meaning or even that you might like it in the end and I have already created a habit about it. Oh and do not expect flowers for a mistake I made 6 months ago just because you decided to bring it up today. 2) Stop wasting every ones time and be truly honest what is it that attracts you to a guy. Do not start this BS about character, humor, etc most of my girl friends decide if they like romantically a guy in the first 30 minutes of a talk and that they are not romantically attracted in the 3 seconds of the first look. I know that you are complicated creatures and that in most cases you are not able to express the complicated process that takes place when you measure up a guy in words that we can actually understand but please do try to I'll be for ever grateful. Oh by the way I am grateful that you exist already so just try to make my life a bit not so complicated, I am a simple guy after all.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    My girlfriend has told me that to her personally, she loves how my mouth looks, haha! She also likes that I am bigger than her (in height).

    She says her favorite things about me mentally is that I am always funny, I'm great with kids, and I'm romantic. The last one is probably her favorite. I remember favorite things of hers, such as that The Sound of Music is her favorite musical, so I have set up a date for us to go see a local production of it. I always tell her how cute she is. I drove 10 min.s out of my way to deliver her a flower, etc. Do those things and you're set, man. That's what she likes!

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    There is not one dream guy. Best thing for you to do is work out what you would like in a dream guy. Not just looks, but should he be cheerful, friendly, outgoing, someone you can enjoy conversation with. It might help to start with what you DON'T want and then look for the opposite - that sometimes helps to figure out your ideal guy.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well my boyfriend right now is pretty spot on and I'm quite fussy.

    Physically I like someone with Broad shoulders, toned, nice teeth, nice lips, Brown hair, gelled hair (it's true!), nice eyes, Big hands (I don't like men with little hands!) Big feet and a big dick :P, strong.

    Qualities in a guy I look for is that they are selfless- they want to make you happy, lots of energy, I like someone who likes dogs and going on walks, watching films, playing tennis, looks after themselves but isn't full of themselves, polite to people i care about, I like a bit of a bad boy, nice car, Great in bed, High sex drive, Experienced without being with loads of girls, Never having a gay background, I like a funny guy,Very masculine and manly without a hint of femininity- hate that! if they hurt themselves they don't cry like a little girl, Hard worker and will take me places =] and so on can't think anymore.

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    I like skaters that play sports and are down to Earth. I like my guys to have shaggy dark hair and really pretty eyes. Also, they have to smell good and always protect me and text me all the time. Oh, and i like it if they're a little shy and awkward around my friends...i don't know why...! And he won't ever make me do stuff that i'm not comfortable with and will only go as far as i want to. Oh my god now my boyfriend seems like a huge loser! :(

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    A guy with a mix of masculinity and femininity. I like tattoos and piercings. I like when he applies a little eyeliner, maybe polishes his nails. Someone open-minded and compassionate. Someone with a good sense of humor. A non-smoker, non-drug user, and only occasionally drinks alcohol.

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  • 1 decade ago

    A guy that loves trusts and respects you, as a person, and has a really nice bedside manner about him.A guy that will ring you, Even when you are down, and just be there for you.

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  • 1 decade ago




    not too skinny not too overweight - meiumish with some muscle

    humorous - a main quality for me as i LOVE to have a laugh



    have nice eyes and smile

    and just really loves and cares for me


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    for me is like i want a man to be


    make me laugh all the time

    to be responsible person

    to have a good family

    big big nice arms

    nice body

    nice hioumor

    & of course to love me how im!!


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