Internet connectivity Great! but no internet connection... (i need sum1 w/ great problem solving skills)?

Here we go. I have my home network set up with WPA2 encryption and Mac address filtering. Network setup is (Internet --> Cable Modem --> Linksys Router). I have 2 laptops connected wirelessly and a ps3. They all work great. Now my rooomate is borrowing a computer for the next month or so and the laptop connects GREAT. However, nothing will load. Things I've tried:

1. Connected the computer via a cat5e cable. Again, Great connection but no internet.

2. I can ping anything in the entire world by either domain name or ip address, 100% received.

3. Ive tried switching encryption to WEP.

4. Ive turned off encryption.

5. Ive turned off mac filtering.

6. Ive ran winsock.

7. Ive reinstalled both wireless and lan drivers.

8. I tried connecting to the internet thru a shared connection with another computer.

9. Static IP address.

10. Open port 80.

11. Disable UPnP.

12. Reset both router and modem.

13. Repaired connection.

Any other suggestions?


When I say I connected the computer with a cat5e cable, I mean I connected it to the router port. (the same way you would configure the router)

Update 2:

O yeah, I've also turned off all firewalls.

Update 3:

If I wanted to make a $200 phone call, I'll call Dell.

The solution was a corrupted .dll file in symantec.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
    Favourite answer did just about everything i would i would maybe chat with dell support......they can answer just about any question and (if you have a dell computer) they could do everything for you through dell connect....but i really dont know what else to do sorry

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