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i want become pregnant faster.?

i m 32 years old women. i need to know whether i will get the chance become pregnant if my hausband ejaculate not really deep inside.

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    if he's inside at ALL, you have the same chance of getting pregnant.

    you on top, him on top - same chance.

    you on your head, him on his head - same chance.

    position does not affect your odds of getting pregnant unless you have a uterus that's flipped the wrong way in which case you'd want to use the so-called "doggie" position in order to get the uterus in the proper position.

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    1 decade ago

    It does not matter how 'deep' into you he is when he ejaculates.

    Look into herbal supplements which may help you become pregnant and focus on getting/staying healthy. Your body will get pregnant when you're ready!

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    6 years ago

    Besides telling your husband to ejaculate inside you, my another suggestion is to have sexual intercourse during your ovulation period, so your chance to successfully conceive a baby is higher than before. I highly recommed you to read and follow the detailed methods on "The Getting Pregnant Plan" ebook from this link

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    The factors affecting pregnancy are

    #1 date of ovulation

    #2 Quality and Quantity of Sperm

    ( helps if male has refrained from masturbation for a period of days )

    those swimmers know their way ---------- Good Luck

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    thats a good question, trying to get wife pregnant, having erection issues therefore to speed things up a few times I masturbated and insterted myself inside her and then ejaculated, not sure how deep I was but I definitely ejaculated inside her, I am hoping this will work

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    Uhh I would say your chances are highly likely to get pregnant that way.

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    Depends on the time of month

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    He does not need to go deep....

  • 1 decade ago

    as long as he was inside you it should matter.

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