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why do some christians believe just becuase your Atheist, you worship Satan?

That doesn't even make sense.

I am an Atheist, but I don't worship Satan.. becuase I don't believe in him!

What makes people think that?

I mean.. think about it..If we don't believe in God, why would we believe in Satan?

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    As a Christian, I guess I better apologize that you're getting this kind of message.

    I hope you'll note that not everyone who claims to be a Christian actually is one - or at least a very smart one...

    I think your question would be more accurately phrased as: "Why do some really dumb folks think athiests are something abominable, or that they worship satan?"

    Really, really, truly, truly, NOT ALL CHRISTIANS have this crazy, insane, retarded notion...

    There's some really fanatical strands of the religion, especially in the fundy-super-evangelical sectors that have this idea that people are influenced by the devil.

    This is just craziness.

    Christianity is actually extremely complicated. Lots and lots of "christians" were simply raised in a "culture" and have no idea how it's verged left and right and left again over the centuries... It gets maniacal!!!

    It's interesting to know, as well, that while Christians have a notion of the "devil" and Chrisitianity came from Judaism originally, the Jews don't have any idea of Satan as a devil. He was just an angel who took the role of a prosecutor... that's all!

    Most, yes I mean MOST, of us quiet ones, who don't raise arms at every little stupid thing, who sit around quietly on our porches just enjoying the breeze and the smell of the peonies, we DON'T think athiests are in any way bothered by "the devil" or "satan" or in any way wrong with the universe at all LOL. We just think our athiest neighbours are pretty much the same as we are, that goes for our hindu neighbours and our jewish neighbours, and our muslim neighbours as well! Aren't we all just doing the best with what we know???

    We just believe what we believe because, just like anyone else, it's our perogative. And I think our differences are very, very subtle on the grand scale of things. I almost wonder (sometimes) if God doesn't enjoy his skeptical athiests better than those who claim to be following him... *sigh again!* keep that in mind LOL.


    Source(s): Thinking-evangelical-baptist- getting a pretty sad view of Christianity but sticking with it... :/
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    Having been both a Christian and an Atheist in my life, I do not equate Atheism with the worship of the devil. There are some people who want to shove their own religious beliefs or lack of religious beliefs down everyone else's throat. Most Atheists and Christians who criticize the other are referring to these kinds of people - but some in both categories simply take things too far. Some Christians who equate Atheism with Satan are probably speaking mainly about the overzealous Atheists who insist on taking the word God out of everything and who are enraged everytime a public prayer is said or the word God is uttered in the Pledge of Allegiance at a Football game. From an Atheist's perspective, isn't hating the word or thought of God - something you profess not to have a belief in - like hating the mention of Santa Claus or The Easter Bunny? Why not just let it be? Those are the kinds of Atheists who draw the most criticism from Christians and sometimes the unwarranted claim that they are Satanists.

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    Like Christian leaders of old, anyone who doesn't believe the way they do are evil and worshipers of Satan. Not all believe that, just a select group. Some even turn on other Christians!

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    I am a Christian. I don't believe you worship satan at all. Alot of Christians I would say most of them are ignorant and sometimes very hateful and judgemental. Christ gives people the choice to follow him or not. If you choose not to follow him you are not evil.

    I do think it helps people and society to have some kind of faith. I know it's like this for me when I step outside my house to go to work I know I have no control of the world around me I could die in 20 car pile up. I know I still have someone to answer to in the end.

    And even if there was no God and I die and become worm food what the hell did I have to lose any way by having faith in Christ anyway? I guess I like the idea of paradise more.

    But remember like others have posted the greatest trick satan as up his sleeve is getting people to think he doesn't exist.


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    You are right if you don't believe in God, then you would not believe in Satan either. However, for those Christians that say you worship Satan if you are an atheist- is not entirely true- what you are doing is being deceived by Satan into believing that there is no God, therefore no Christ.

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    Because believing in Satan but NOT God pisses them off. So I told all of them that we DO worship Satan. What? Should I NOT have done that?

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    They have the belief that anyone who believes differently then them has been 'turned away from salvation by Satan'.

    Which is synonymous with worshiping Satan in their book.

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    satan don't care if you worship him or yourself...just as long as you don't worship God. Once you know the power you have through Jesus, that's what scares the devil.

    Jesus already kicked the devils butt in hell, took back all the authority the devil stoled from Adam, and gave it back to us. If you believe in no God, That's the same as taking the devils side.

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    Because FEAR makes people feel threatened, and threatened people like to join up with groups that make them feel safe.

    They've been doing this almost since the beginning of the religion - just call all other beliefs "Satanic."

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    Tell them as I do. I am Pagan and I tell them since satan tis a christain invention and I am not christain...I do not believe in Satan, so how can I woraship him? a few do get it, but some are just too thick headed to grasp it

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