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what is the latin translation for "no regrets"?

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    There are many ways to say "no regrets" in Latin, especially because there are three different forms of Latin.

    nullus desideria (no longings/regrets),

    haud desideria (no longings/regrets),

    sine desideria (without longings/regrets),

    haud luctus (no lamentations),

    nullus luctus (no lamentations),

    sine luctus (without lamentations,

    haud ploratio (no lamentations),

    nullus ploratio (no lamentations),

    sine ploratio (no lamentations), etc.

    Source(s): Freedict and an English project half of a year ago about changing a Latin passage to modern English
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    Latin For No Regrets

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    Sine poenitentia.

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