Legally, what are potential employers allowed to ask previous employers?

I was just discharged from a job that I particularly didn't care for for "blatant insubordination". They did not give me any written or verbal warning and as far as I know, there is nothing on my record that would prove that I was insubordinate (in fact, the clients loved me).

My question is: what can potential employers ask in regards to why I was discharged? I know they won't give me a good recommendation because they fired me so I guess I would just put "do not contact" for references on them? I'm really confused. :(

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    1 decade ago
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    they can say anything they want as long as it is the truth not opinion, Jane was late 3 times a week, Jane was terminated for attendance, Jane failed to do the work expected of her all legal answers as they can be proven. Don't believe the gurus here that employers can only answer certain questions, many will only answer certain questions but they Can say anything thing as long as it is the truth

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    The sturdy course is for the potential corporation to request a written reference from the previous corporation. the potential corporation can request in spite of training it likes and the previous corporation can provide in spite of training it chooses to supply whether the two can leave them open to criminal action from the two social gathering. i.e. a) the educational given by the previous corporation stops you from getting the pastime. you could sue your previous corporation. b) the previous corporation tells the hot one which you're incredible and you do no longer artwork out. the hot corporation can sue your previous one. with the aid of this employers are being very careful approximately what training the provide approximately you and in maximum circumstances will in uncomplicated terms be sure which you labored for the organization and not something greater. Legally your previous corporation can not provide any own info that would breach archives protection, like your telephone selection and so on. element is nonetheless your potential corporation can withdraw a activity grant at any time as long as you haven't any longer signed the grant/settlement and most of the time somebody will call your previous corporation and ask approximately you "off the record". in the event that they hear some element that provides them reason for project they are going to easily withdraw the grant without telling you why. So in case you have any skeletons in the closet that is terrific just to return sparkling. I had this take place to a candidate a pair of months in the past. If she had advised the fact the organization might have nonetheless offered her the pastime. yet they found out that she lied approximately something and desperate to withdraw the pastime grant without telling her why because of the fact the obtained training "off the record" from her previous boss. the educational provide became into that she became into sacked for particular issues. no longer a large deal yet because of the fact she lied they desperate to no longer take her on.

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    Basically, work record, days late, absent, any work ethics, get along with others, works well unsupervised, and what reasons for being dismissed.

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    I'm not sure in other states, but in nv. the past employer can't say bad things about you. You can check your unemployment office and ask them. They will know for sure.

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