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Kingdom Hearts Question PLEASE HELP ASAP!?

Ok, so I'm in the Deep Jungle, at the very top of the Treehouse...I had just watched the cutscene when Tarzan begs Kerchak to let him help us...he just walks away on the roof...I travelled to the roof in hopes of watching another cutscene: nothing happened. What am I supposed to do now? PLEASE ANSWER ASAP...IM PLAYING RIGHT NOW, AND THE PERSON WHO ANSWERS FIRST AND IS RIGHT WILL GET FAVORITED! THANKS!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    After a cut scene, stay in the tree house. Look for the broken steps and jump up them by swinging your keyblade at the top of your jump. Ignore the ladder and head through the hole in the wall. Out on the boardwalk, head left until you reach a dead end. Look beyond the debris for a ladder obscured in shadows. At the top of the ladder, you'll reach the roof of the tree house. Open the chest here for a PROTERA CHAIN. Use the first-person view to spot a plank with a string at the end of it. Jump onto the plank and follow it to the end. Jump into the trees here to land in the Cliff area. Again, you will be ambushed by Sabor, but he should be no match for you. There is a vine you can climb to get to a higher platform containing a MEGA-POTION and a MYTHRIL SHARD. Head back to the Camp and enter the tent.

    Heal and save, and then head outside. It seems that new enemies have arrived, and you'll be fighting them for the rest of this world. Defeat all of the Heartless in this area and the gorilla will give you a PROTECT-G for saving it. Head into the Bamboo Thicket area. Defeat the enemies here for a FIRE-G. Continue on to the Cliff area and defeat the enemies here for an AERORA-G. Fight your way back to the camp and save. Head back into Hippo's lagoon and jump across all three hippos to reach the vine. Climb this to enter the Vines 2 area. Climb up the vine immediately to your left to reach the Climbing Trees area. Fight the enemies in here for another AERORA-G. Enter the Tree House once again to save the last gorilla, this time for a SHELL-G. Head back to the Camp area however you see fit.

    Enter the tent to save and heal, then talk to Jane. Outside the tent, you will hear Clayton's gun go off. Head into the Bamboo Thicket again. Sabor will ambush you one last time here. For finally defeating Sabor, you receive a WHITE FANG accessory.

    Looks like trouble's a-brewin' back at the old campsite. Fight your way back and enter the tent. OKAY, so Jane is at the tree house... so you're going to have to go back. Argh. Head back into Hippo's Lagoon, jump across all three hippos, and climb two vines up to the Climbing Trees area. Lock onto the weird fruit thing and attack it until you hear a chime. Don't bother with the Powerwilds, as there are an infinite number of them. Enter the Treetop area, and cross over to the Tunnel area. Use the stump to slide down to the campsite so you can save and heal. Make sure your item slots are filled.

    Now head through the Bamboo Thicket to the Cliff area. At first, you are pitted against Clayton, and a bunch of Powerwilds. This isn't the real battle by far. Take care of the Powerwilds while avoiding Clayton's shots. Then focus on Clayton. After a few hits, he'll keel over in pain.

    You get CURE magic for winning this battle. In thanks for saving the gorillas, Kerchak will use the raw massive strength of his big meaty ham arms to chuck you onto a cliff. Thanks, Kerchak! Enter the Waterfall Cavern.

    Go all the way to the end of the path and jump up the ledge with the tiny waterfall running down it to get a MYTHRIL SHARD. Turn around and jump across to another platform that has a chest with a SHELL-G in it. Turn around from this chest, and jump up to get a MYTHRIL. Crawl sideways along the ivy on the wall to reach another chest with an ORICHALCUM in it. Climb up the vine in the alcove behind the chest. Only climb a little ways up, and jump backwards to a new platform. Jump up the ledge to the left, and then turn around and jump to the new ledge. From here, jump across to another ledge and enter the ??? location to your right.

    Sora will seal the keyhole to Deep Jungle, and everyone will be happy. :) You will also get a NAVI-G PIECE and an awesome new keyblade, the JUNGLE KING! Sweet! As an added bonus, the team can even use the RED TRINITY ability now!

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  • 1 decade ago

    explain exactly what tarzan did in a message..send me one by going to my profile and click send message. Explain everything and I can probably help. What I mean is, Did he slid down any vines or something? Is he still with you? Do you have donald and goofy with you atm? IS it at the begging of the level?

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  • 1 decade ago

    find kerchak and talk to him (talk to tarzan first if needed)

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