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Making my biceps grow?

I've been weight lifting for about two years now and I've reached a point where I feel whatever bicep exercise I do, my muscles just will not grow. lol...If anything they look like they are shrinking...I mix and match during the week using pull ups, e z bar, preacher curls...I normally do three different types of biceps exercise three times a week, spending 3 x 10 reps on each set. Has anyone got any ideas? Up the weight? More reps? I'm really frustrated!!!

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    After two years you would have hit a plataue, like any athlete does, where you think it is impossible to improve.

    Just remember there is a very basic rule to weights, heavy weights and shorter sets build bulk and strength, light/medium weights and lots of reps tone and define muscles.

    My guess is you are edging on the comfortable side of training, which is fine, but just throw in a few workouts where you add that extra weight and do fewer reps, you'll soon improve again.

    But you also have to remember that your body may not be built to get any bigger. There are three basic somatotypes (body shapes) and two aren't really built for becoming hugely muscular. Think of the difference between Arnie and Bruce Lee, both at the pinnacle of their body's muscle mass, yet vastly different in size and shape.

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    Protein my boy, if you are simply working out and then not supplementing that you are not going to see any muscle growth but you will feel stronger. Also consider your age, you may not be growing because you have not physically matured yet. Your daily intake of calories will also effect the growth you see and you want to try and increase this.

    If you want to see size increase its higher weight low reps. 7 to 8 reps is optimal for stimulating muscle growth.

    Focus on progressive resistance and stretch your muscles. Try holding the moment at the point of peak contraction in each repetition. Reduce the time between sets and alternate the speed of each repetition. Try looking up the difference between superset and compound sets.

    Do not just work out your upper body, you need to make sure you do a complete body workout for your body to feel the full effects of the workouts.

    read up on diet, its your key weapon. I would know, I was once a scrawny 8 and half stone now im 13 stone pure muscle at a height of 5.10

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    I find my biceps respond to change - when i get to the point of not being able to increase the weight/reps for an exercise i either drop the weight and increase the reps for a month or change the exercise for a diferent one.

    My current bicep routine is very simple and doesnt involve much effort but works well FOR ME (sorry about teh caps but everyone is diferent so diferent things may work for you)

    Bicep curl using a straight bar

    Hammer Dumbell Curls

    Reverse Curl (palms down).

    all 3x12

    That is all i do for the biceps in one week as they are hit quite hard by my back training.

    When i plateu on this routine i will change it to...

    twisting dumbell Curl (3x8)

    Narrow grip preacher curl (3x8)

    Concentrated curl (3x12)

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    Are u doing back excercise nicely ?,Biceps is a very small muscle so don't work for it more.Let I give one example if you had great weight practise for biceps in one week just for the next week you just do repetation .U know Biceps are working with every muscle so don't overtrain your biceps give some time for the body top recover.

    Let try this for two month I promise u will see the improvement.I tested it on myself.

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    maybe the plateau has come due to fatigue.You are trying to progressively overload your work in every other workout.This is not normal.Your body has created defences against it.

    Just rest for some days and then track a program that you add

    intensity in every workout for as many weeks or microcycles you want(4-12 microcycles is a good range).The volume and frequency is up to you and want makes you feel better.Also don't be afraid to lower the intensity or volume in your workout.It is very beneficial for your body.

    Eat your protein.Eat complex carbs.Eat healthy fats.Eat simple carbs before and/or after your workout.Sleep enough.Do cardio.Train with intensity.Rest enough.

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    Keep at it, it wont build up over night.

    Your muscles might be getting more toned rather than built up. Try and get some heavier wieghts and do less reps. Keep to a schedule and you will notice difference in months to come.


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    Do them every day and you will see the results for 3 times a week is not enough, and if you're serious about this then do more than one exercise a day and push yourself to beyond the pain. If your arms aren't aching by the end of it then you haven't done enough!!

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    take a lot of protein food and workout biceps class more you have do 22 biceps class to increase one inch size

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