POLL - Who do you think will win? John McCain or Barack Hussein Obama?

Who do you think will win?

John McCain or Barack Hussein Obama

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    1 decade ago
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    John McCain.


    Foreign Policy Credential #1: "Life Of Living Overseas" For 4 Years ...

    In Elementary School: Obama Lived Overseas From Ages 6 To 10.(Linda Matchan, "A Law Review Breakthrough," The Boston Globe, 2/15/90)

    Foreign Policy Credential #2: Took Some College Courses In

    International Relations: In January, Obama Noted His Degree In "International Relations" When Discussing His Foreign Policy Credentials. Obama: "[M]y experience in foreign policy is probably more diverse than most others in the field. ... You know, I majored in international relations." (ABC's "Good Morning America," 1/24/07)

    Another Obama Exaggeration?: On His Official MySpace Webpage, Obama Lists His Major As "Political Science." (MySpace Website, http://www.myspace.com,

    Accessed 4/10/08)

    Foreign Policy Credential #3: Has Passed Only One Bill As A Senator ...

    It Dealt With A Foreign Country: In The 110th Congress, Obama Is The Lead Sponsor On 55 Bills. (S. 114, Introduced 1/4/07; S. 115, Introduced 1/4/07; S. 116, Introduced 1/4/07; S. 117, Introduced 1/4/07; S. 133, Introduced 1/4/07; S. 433, Introduced 1/30/07; S. 453, Introduced 1/31/07; S. 674, Introduced 2/16/07; S. 692, Introduced 2/27/07; S. 713, Introduced 2/28/07; S. 737, Introduced 3/1/07; S. 767, Introduced 3/6/07; S. 768, Introduced 3/6/07; S. 795, Introduced 3/7/07; S. 823, Introduced 3/8/07; S. 906, Introduced 3/15/07; S. 976, Introduced 3/23/07; S. 1067, Introduced 3/29/07; S. 1068, Introduced

    3/29/07; S. 1084, Introduced 4/10/07; S. 1151, Introduced 4/18/07; S. 1181, Introduced 4/20/07; S. 1222, Introduced 4/25/07; S. 1271, Introduced 5/2/07; S. 1306, Introduced 5/3/07; S. 1324, Introduced 5/7/07; S. 1389, Introduced 5/14/07; S. 1430, Introduced 5/ 17/07; S. 1513, Introduced 5/24/07; S. 1574, Introduced 6/7/07; S. 1713, Introduced 6/27/07; S. 1790, Introduced 7/16/07; S. 1811, Introduced 7/18/07; S. 1817, Introduced

    7/19/07; S. 1818, Introduced 7/19/07; S. 1824, Introduced 7/19/07; S. 1873, Introduced 7/25/07; S. 1885, Introduced 7/26/07; S. 1977, Introduced 8/2/07; S. 1989, Introduced 8/3/07; S. 2030, Introduce 9/6/07; S. 2044, Introduced 9/12/07; S. 2066, Introduced 9/18/07; S. 2111, Introduced 9/27/07; S. 2132, Introduced 10/3/07; S. 2147, Introduced 10/4/07; S. 2202, Introduced 10/18/07; S. 2224, Introduced 10/24/07; S. 2227, Introduced

    10/24/07; S. 2330, Introduced 11/8/07; S. 2347, Introduced 11/13/07; S. 2392, Introduced 11/16/07; S. 2428, Introduce 12/6/07; S. 2433, Introduced 12/7/07)

    None Of The Bills Sen. Obama Has Introduced In The 110th Congress Have Been Signed Into Law.

    In The 109th Congress, Obama Was Lead Sponsor On 61 Bills. But Only One Of These (1.6%) Has Passed The Senate (The Bill Went On To Become Law). S. 2125, a bill to "promote relief, security, and democracy in the Democratic Republic of Congo" became law in December 2006. (S. 2125, Became Law 12/22/06)

    Foreign Policy Credential Number #4: Visited Pakistan For Three Weeks While In College:

    "To Counter Opponents' Accusations That He Lacks Experience In Foreign Policy, Senator Barack Obama ... Has Added A New Personal Detail To That Resume: A Trip To Pakistan While A College Student." "To counter opponents' accusations that he lacks experience in foreign policy, Senator Barack Obama of Illinois often cites his ties to relatives in poor villages in Kenya and the years he spent growing up in Indonesia. Now he has added a

    new personal detail to that resume: a trip to Pakistan while a college student." (Larry Rohter, "Obama Says Real-Life Experience Trumps Rivals' Foreign Policy Credits," The New York Times, 4/10/08)

    Obama Spent "About Three Weeks" In Pakistan. "According to his campaign staff, Mr. Obama visited Pakistan in 1981, on the way back from Indonesia, where his mother and half-sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, were living. He spent 'about three weeks' there, Mr. Obama's press secretary, Bill Burton, said, staying in Karachi with the family of a college friend, Mohammed Hasan Chandoo, but also traveling to Hyderabad, in India." (Larry Rohter, "Obama Says Real-Life Experience Trump s Rivals' Foreign Policy Credits," The New

    York Times, 4/10/08)

    Foreign Policy Credential #5: Member Of Foreign Relations Committee ...


    "Listening To A Bloviating Colleague At His First Meeting Of The Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Obama Slipped A Three-Word Note To A Member Of His Staff: 'Shoot. Me. Now.'" (Ben Wallace-Wells, "Destiny's Child," Rolling Stone, 2/7/07)

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    1 decade ago

    Barack Obama

  • 1 decade ago

    Obama will win -- if only b/c he isn't anything like Bush. McCain appears to be good person, but he is old and the wants he war to go on 10+ years -- and he votes with Bush 90%+ of the time. People are tired of Bush -- this country is in the worst shape ever -- it's scary --we need change. My heart aches for the poor truck drivers out there with a family to feed and people who have lost family in this horrendous war.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sally, for future post John McCain's middle name is Sidney. I think if stated both their middle names in your question it wouldn't come off as so prejudice.

    As for your quesiton, it will most likely be Obama, or any Democrat for that matter. The GoP has been shooting themselves in the foot since the mid-term elections.


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Probably 65% chance it is Obama but I did check out McCains platform.

    Thoughts On Torture:

    Doesn't support stuff he couldn't handle

    Supports universal health care for all current and former POWs.

    Would strongly oppose any legislation that would allow fetuses to be removed from the womb, fed only watery rice porridge, and physically and mentally tortured for months on end.

    "Once we win this ideological war on radical Islamic extremism which will rage for thousands of years, then we will concentrate on the economy."

    Will not meet with with leaders of unfriendly states, unless it's to give them a head's up that the United States is about to bomb them.

    "The United States should no longer act as the world's police but instead as the world's stripper, dressed as the police."

    Supports a path to legalization because Latinos are one of the few ethnic groups that don't appear in the senator's recurring nightmares.


    Distinguished Flying Cross (Vietnam War); Silver Star (World War II); Bronze Star (Crimean War)

    Inspiring Example:

    Co-sponsored a campaign finance act with Democrat Russ Feingold, the aim of which is to leave every campaigner as broke as McCain and Feingold

    Is against any kind of change at all.

  • 1 decade ago

    Barack Hussein Obama

    Not John Sydney McCain

  • 1 decade ago

    Barack H. Obama

  • R.S.
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    1 decade ago

    it will be a long and nasty campaign , but in the end mccain will win but only by like 1-2 states , maybe a win for mccain in say ohio or michigan / florida will do the trick . i'm willing to that once the special interest groups and republican ads show the real obama to voters in places like ohio that those states will stay red this election . clinton would of won them but obama will lose them .

  • 1 decade ago

    McCain but i not voting for him

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Wow, nice that you used Barack' Obama's middle name, but didn't use John McCain's. Do you even know what his middle name is, Sad Sally? Or did you just sound off your own personal "BIGOT ALERT?"

  • Jacob
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    1 decade ago

    Obama will win

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