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Any low-cost, low-energy tips for keeping cool in 85+ heat (without air conditioning)?

Other than staying hydrated, that is.

Help! I live in a sauna... Or at least that's what it feels like!


No A/C, people... And my windows are the kind that won't let me get a window unit.

Great suggestions so far, please keep them coming!

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    In the evening and night, open your windows and doors and have fans blowing the air in from the outside. Then in the morning, button up the place tight to keep the cool air in and the warm air out, and keep the fans blowing around the air inside.

    Then as it gets cooler outside then in, repeat the process.

    Also, soak a t-shirt in water and wring it out, and then wear it. It's amazing how much body heat it helps get rid of through evaporation, especially if you have a fan hitting it.

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    if there are window in your house that get a lot of sun, make shades by cutting big pieces of cardboard to fit the windows and lining the cardboard with aluminum foil. Put the shades in during the hours where the sun is the most intense and they will block your house from getting as hot.

    I lived in an apartment with huge west-facing windows, from noon until sunset they turned the apartment into a greenhouse, it would litterally be 100+ inside when it was 80 outside. The foil-lined shades reduced the indoor temperature by more than 15 degrees.

    Also, if you live in a house with a basement or a crawl space, open the crawl space access and use a fan to draw air from under the house into the house. the underground crawl space will be much cooler than the outdoor air.

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    Fans work well. During the hottest time of the day, be sure your windows are closed - you can also put up some awnings on your west facing windows, which will help a lot of the afternoon sun from coming in.

    If you have exhaust fans in your bathroom, run them for about 30 min after taking a shower, to help get rid of some of the humidity which will make your house feel hotter.

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    Use fans to circulate air. Take plenty of cold showers. Put a blanket in the bathtub and sleep on it (after drying the surface). If you have to be outside, wear a wet t-shirt. Spray a water bottle set on the mist setting into the air. Go to the movies/museum/mall.

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    keep the air moving; you want it coming in on lower floors and leaving on the upper floors if possible. or just get some air flow from one side of the house to the other. If you have a basement, blow cooler air from there into the upper floors of your house.

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    combine 1/4 cup wintergreen rubbing alcohol with 1/2 gallon of water, dip a towel in it, wring it out and drape it across the back of your neck. The evaporation will cool you.

    Likewise, mist yourself with water and stand, sit, lay in front of a fan....take cool water showers when you get too hot...drink plenty of cool drinks ( I usually water down my gatorade cuz there's so much salt in them.. 3/4 to 1/2 gatorade, the rest water).

    Open the fridge for a minute and stand naked in front of it....unless your grandma happens to be visiting ; )

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    turn your AC higher, so it works less, try about 76-78 and then buy one or more of those low-energy tower fans (they even make some that ionize (clean) the air and lower the temp. guarantee that blowing fans along with a little AC will be cheaper than paying to have your AC run at 68 degrees all summer

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    buy a window ac and put it in a room that you can close off and stay in there (they really save electricity compared to a central air unit and keep you cooler than a fan could in extremely hot weather)

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    Fans. The best one I have is a vornado

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    Sit right in front of a fan.

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