Should our brave young men continue to die in Afghanistan? Or would it be better to legalise 'hard' drugs?

They are supposedly there as President Karzai is not tackling corruption and the drug barons who, we are told, finance terrorists,the Taliban.

If hard drugs didn't raise so much money, perhaps the poppy growing farmers would grow food instead and the drug barons would lose their lucrative business.

Addicts are going to get the money to fund their habit somehow, any how, by fair means or (usually) foul. So less crime might be the result too.

And our boys could come home.


The Ghost, I hope your son stays safe and returns to you soon.

J K has answered your points better than I could.

Update 2:

Lachlan W, despite the unpredictable climate cereals are cultivated. Production is rising.

Fruit and nuts were exported.

There is natural gas, marble, gold, copper, precious and semi-precious stones.

With encouragement, help with supplying clean water these things could make it a prosperous country

Update 3:

Lady Moon, but if drugs weren't 'underground' and could be bought legally, surely the price would fall.

Update 4:

Star Gazer, I admire your work and appreciate your views. Good luck to your 'clients'.

Update 5:

Jason S, read Star Gazer's post.

Update 6:

Mathew B, read Ivan R.

Update 7:

Well, I have read and read, but cannot choose. So much truth and sense here. Will read again tomorrow, but maybe let voting choose.

Update 8:

Ernie F, interesting and enlightening.

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    Give Afghanistan, back to the people that killed so many of

    their own people not to mention US and our allies. Have you

    heard of saffron the spice? The most expensive spice in the

    world. They would rather grow that. If we had kept our promises that country would have joined the new century. The

    UN is corrupt and doing it's version of spin city. I want all of this to stop also. But we need to help Afghanistan? We need to keep our word for a change. PEACE

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    (ANS) What the vast majority of ordinary UK citizens don't realize is just how remote & wild a country Afghanistan really is. Its extremely remote! & extremely mountainous!!, it has a strategic position though. Afghanistan has always been a tribal country managed by wealthy tribal leaders (war lords) this is nothing new at all.

    **What you must also realize is that the ordinary people of Afghanistan are incredibly poor, their poverty is like nothing we can imagine here in the rich western countries.

    Therefore they use their land to grow crops to earn a living, enough to scrape by but its a very merger income. YES! they grow opium poppies because they are so poor as its the few ways they can almost guarantee some reasonable level of cash. Wouldn't you do the same if it meant the difference between eating & feeding your family or starvation? I DON'T blame the poor farmers.

    **One solution is that the Western nations could buy up the poppy crops and it could be harvested for medical use and turned into medical drugs like Morphia, or other opiates, or opiate based drugs. This would help remove the amounts of illegal drugs washing about the streets of the UK & USA,etc. And could at least be used for beneficial purposes.

    **This would also benefit the local Afghani people with some assured income each year and it would prevent the drugs falling into the hands of the wrong people or used for the wrong reasons. This would also help to change the political situation.

    **I don't personally think 50% of UK electorate know why our soldiers are still in Afghanistan any more.

    **REMEMBER!! Most UK people were against Tony Blair dragging us into this illegal war in the first place, we never wanted to be a part of this, its only down the stupid so called "special relationship" between Bush & Blair that it happened anyway i.e. part of the so called war on terror whatever that means? and the hunt for Osama Bin Lardin,etc.

    **I cannot see where this war in Afghanistan will end, I don't personally believe the political rhetoric being spouted by the UK politicians about how we are winning the war. Its non sense frankly, I think if the UK pulled out tomorrow the Taliban would be back in a flash within 6mths.


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    Our soldiers should not ever have been sent to Afghanistan. Russia tried to subjugate the Taliban war lords for 18 years and gave up in the end...we have lost 100 young men for a needless cause. The donkeys, Bush, Blair and Brown leading our young lion-hearts into that mess should be fact they should just have gone the way Saddam would be a better place without these war mongers.

    Should we legalise hard least we could make money from it......people who want drugs and use them will get them by fair means or foul so we may as well make a profit from them and put the money to some good use. However left to the MP's it would just be more money to fill their fat faces.

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    1 decade ago

    You do know you cannot grow food there right? The soil is like crushed granite.

    Legalising drugs is probably the best option on the board. People don't like the idea and yes it is not getting rid of the problem at hand (drug addiction) but at least it removes all the other crap along the way such as organised crime, impure substances leading to death, etc.

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    I don't think the troops are engaged in a war against drugs, they are involved in a war on ideology, or our way (freedom, personal choice etc) against extremism, terror middle age feudalism. I bet if you asked many ordinary people in Iraq, Afghanistan etc etc wud they rather Taliban or Saddam they would say no, but they know life is crap at the moment and there could be light at the end of the tunnel.

    I was a serving soldier, Ive been to these war zones and got my scars and it saddens me every time there is another death, but we cannot hide behind the English channel and say these matters dont matter to us.

    Its a pity many isolationists in the UK cannot see beyond their principles and maybe, just maybe understand that someone has to stand up for the weak and oppressed. So anyone want to kick Mugabe out, or would that be another land grab of the imperialists

  • c.n.
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    Let's give some much needed perspective to the Taliban, and just who has supported them. President Bush had Colin Powell announce, in May of 2001 (4 months prior to 9/11), that his administration was giving the Taliban 43 MILLION dollars, supposedly to help in the Taliban with their war on drugs. HUH, you say? Precisely. Not to be outdone, after 9/11, Enron (you remember them, among other things they were the ones working with Cheney on the nation's energy policy), gave them millions too. They weren't so much concerned with controlling heroin production, no, their concerns were oil related. See the links.

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    We should legalise all drugs, i have worked with drug users for 10 years, there will always be destructive people but crime is committed to fund their habit. Pilot studies saw that with structured interventions and drug users been given regular heroin to smoke in supportive settings decreased the negative impact they have on society, 75 percent returned to work and the others in the group had dual diagnosis and severe mental health problems but did not commit previous crimes to fund their drug use... end this ridiculous war, get our soldiers home.

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    It is ironic that we frequently blame problems on "drugs" when the problems are actually caused by the war on drugs. This reached its peak with commercials that told people that by using drugs they were helping finance terrorism. Hmm, how come alcohol and tobacco don't finance terrorism?

    That said, I don't think the problems in Afghanistan are completely related to drugs or the war on drugs. There is no drug issue in Iraq and it's not like things are going smoothly over there.

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    1 decade ago

    Afganistan is nothing to do with drugs its to do with spheres of influence.If it was to stop heroin coming into this country then why not use the army in all ports and airports to check containers and other import systems and stop drugs crossing our borders.We have been at war 4 times in afganistan and we always lose and we will lose again.They dont have tanks,helicopters or aircraft but neither did the Viet cong and we all know whose *** they kicked

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    I have some sympathies with the idea, as otherwise everything goes underground, and no tax revenue can be raised either (which could be put into helping the drug casualties, if we knew who they were !).

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