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Peyton Manning can't win the big one "superbowl" like tom brady?

I would like to say that Peyton Manning is following Brett Favre foot step which they aim for records and big numbers and he will only get one ring in his life time just like brett favre. Look at Tom Brady he didn't have the big number and still get 3 superbowl rings. Look at last season now Brady has the weapons like peyton manning and don't have a rings, conincident? I thought so.

Peyton Manning have the weapons to throw too and couldn't get a ring until 8 years later he then won a superbowl how long will it take him to win another rings? Compare him to Brady and it just show that Peyton can't win the "BIG" one for the rings. I don't hate Peyton or anythings but I just saying that he can't win the "big" one when their team got the chance in the playoff. The only things he get is the big numbers in the regular season how can that be compare to going all the way just like Brady? But since Brady got the weapons he don't get a rings.


So compare both of them now they got the "weapons" to throw too but they can't get all the way and win the superbowl. Look at Eli Manning he don't get big "weapon" and he won the superbowl so with big weapon you can only get big number for you career but no superbowl.

This is only what I think

Update 2:

to Vlad:

look at manning he don't agree to a less pay so his team can get more money to get better player like brady do he actually can demand more money then manning since he won 3 superbowl but he don't want more money he is actually smart at trying to give the patriots the money so they can get player to help their team win superbowl with better player not like manning who is always getting into ad and getting more money compare to brady he choose only the one that share with his player that is WHY they won 3 superbowl. Look at manning he is like the highest pay QB and lost in the playoff like a couple times. If manning would have try not to demand big contract it would have given the team more money to get better player to help their offense and defense just like the patriots that is why they won 3 superbowl.

Let see you anyone of you disagree with me

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    the colts dont cheat and the packers done ethier...

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    It is extremely difficult to win the Super Bowl. Unlike other sports where you have a series of games in the playoffs, like baseball, basketball, and hockey, where you can afford to lose a game or two. It is a one loss and you are out scenario. So you might not actually have the very best teams even make the super bowl. A lesser team might have a really good game in the playoffs. Or the team with the best record in regular season history, (see last season), might not play to their very best when it counts.

    The Giants last year barely made it into the playoffs and went on a terrific streak that took them all the way to the championship.

    Just like Saint said, there have been a lot of really good qb's that never won even one Super Bowl, Dan Marino is by far the best example. Going to only one "big game". Kurt Warner of the Rams is another qb who won MVP honors, but only one Super Bowl.

    Others, lilke Doug Williams of the Redskins, did not have superstar careers, but still got a championship ring. And don't forget Jim Kelly who took the Buffalo Bills to four Super Bowls in a row, a feat that will probably never be duplicated.

    It takes an entire team to win a Super Bowl, it is unfortunate that with the glory of being a winning qb, also comes the blame when the team loses.

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    The way I see it, i think he sometimes(and the team too) get's overconfident since they were winning a lot of games lost season until the lost in the SuperBowl. But, keep in mind that the Patriots may be getting back closer to winning the trophy.

    In fact, back in the 2005 season when the Patriots went 11-5 due to the injuries they had with their players including Tedy Bruschi having a mild stroke which kept hhim out during the first half of the season, and win the patriots went to the playoffs they've easily blew out the Jaguars in the wildcard round. But, when they played the Broncos in the 2nd round, they lost the game due to some mistakes the Patriots made which had them cause the turnovers on themselves.

    Then, in the 2006 season, the Patriots won the wild card, beatin the chargers in san diego, but lost to the Colts in the AFC Championship, which i say the patriots took the colts lightly when the had a large score margin over the colts and one would been turnover against the colts which would've been a turnover for the Patriots that would've helped the Patriots win the game.

    Now, this past season, the Patriots went to the SuperBowl but, it wasn't easy, when the Chargers gave the patriots a run for their money. And, when the Patriots lost the SuperBowl against the Giants, it was however not by much, especially on one key play that the Patriots nearly had a sack against Eli Manning which would've been a huge lost and the Giants would had to give the ball to the Patriots and one key play when the Giants reciever caught a tight pass.

    So, you can probably say that the Patriots are getting closer to winning the championship.

    And as for Peyton Manning, did he just won the 2007 SuperBowl against the Bears in miami plus along with that have stats. Well, since you said that it took him 8 years to finally win the SuperBowl let alone go to the superbowl. keep in mind that there were other QB's before him that went to the SuperBowls but did not win like for example; John Elway who used to play for the Broncos in the '80's went to 3 SuperBowls and lost all of them until he finally got back to the superbowl in 1998 and one his first one against the packers which had Brett Farve at the time after they've won theirs a year ago against the Patriots. Then after that year the Broncos won one again a year later against the Falcons.

    Also, Dan Marino back in the 80's was similair to Peyton Manning by having so much stats and he did go to the SuperBowl once but lost against the 49ers led by Joe Montana and ever since then Marino did not went to a single superbowl after that one.

    So you can say that Peyton Manning CAN win the big one but, for now you can just say that he along with the Colts are jus takin an off year instead, especially since his brother Eli Manning went to and won the superbowl, so you can probably say that he's letting his brother get his turn also.

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    It's basically for the same reason people hate Tom Brady. People don't like greatness unless it's their team. Us NE fans don't hate Peyton. Most are just bitter from the AFC Championship game last year. Peyton is an amazing QB and nobody can say he isn't.

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    YO, crazy emo asian kid, change your picture, stop acting all crazy, stop being a bandwagon New England Cheatriot, and forget about tom brady and all the other cheaters. Peyton and Brett didn't cheat for their stats and rings. Shady Brady is a disgrace. I am glad he will never win anything anymore in his career, his team is dead. Favre is in the hall of fame, the greatest accomplishment anyone can acheive, peyton will go in too if he keeps doing what he is doing. Tom can't get in now after being busted for cheating...stop trying to make yourself feel better, and just jump off the bandwagon!

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    When it comes to giving rings out, they give them out to the entire roster and coaching staff! There's a reason for that, Quarterbacks DON'T win Super Bowls!! Teams do! The Qb is given to much credit for a win and for a loss.

    If David Tyree misses that catch in the last SB, Brady wins and your theory is shot to hell. If Dwight Freeney doesn't get hurt, maybe the Colts have a shot last year.

    Marino put up great numbers, do you think for a moment if he had his Offense and the 85 Bear defense, he would be ringless?

    Wake up, you look pretty young but this is pretty elementary! Players, coaching staffs, Scouting personal and the administration combine as a team to win SB's (If the Administration blows the salary cap out of whack it could cripple a team for years(See the NY Knicks for example)

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    Manning is the better qb over brady hands down... the patriots as a team are better then the colts thats what it comes down to when it comes to winning superbowls... the team not one single player

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    Vlad youre retarted to say Manning is better than Brady. Brady was the best QB in the league for the last half decade. Then when he did get a serious weapon in Randy Moss, look what Brady did, 50 td passes. If Brady wouls have had half the weapons Manning has had for his whole career, Brady would have already broken several other records for passing.

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    peyton manning doesnt JUST throw to the main weapons... he gives everybody a chance so its unpredictable who he's gonna pass to... brady pretty much only throws to moss, welker. and stallworth. maybe the occasional reciever or tight end. but manning truly is better.

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