1970's party food?

We are having a 70's themed party and would like some ideas for typical food for a buffet, apart from cheese and pineapple on sticks!

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    This site has a great list of foods that were typically served at parties in the 70's.


    Reading those sure brought back memories!

    70's Appetizers:

    Deviled eggs

    Stuffed celery (usually stuffed with peanut butter or tuna salad, cut into bite size pieces.)

    Green and Black Olives

    Jiffy Pop Popcorn

    Cocktail Weenies served w/ tooth pick and a dipping sauce

    Cocktail Weenies wrapped in dough and baked

    Lipton Sour Cream n' Onion Dip w/ chips

    Classic Chex mix

    Cheese doodles


    Lays Potato Chips


    Pringles Chips


    Cheese and Cracker platter

    Chicken Drummies w/ BBQ or Sweet n' Sour Sauce

    Crab Rangoon

    Veggie Platter with Hidden Valley Ranch Dip

    Fruit Platters, make balls out of various melons, served in a carved watermelon.

    Deviled Ham on crackers ir Mini Rye with gherkin on top.

    Mini Pizzas (frozen or make your own the toaster oven with English Muffins)

    Rumaki 1) chestnuts wrapped in Bacon

    Rumaki 2) - Chicken Livers wrapped w/ Bacon

    Angels on Horseback (Oysters)

    Clams Casino


    Salsa and Corn Chips

    Cantaloupe slices wrapped w/ Ham (serve w/ toothpick)

    Common Crackers: Ritz, Triscuits, Melba Toast --serve w/ "Squeeze Cheese" which is now just called "Easy Cheese".

    Salads --Salad Bars were VERY Popular in the 70's... -- it was all about "choices". Consider making a 'salad bar' for your next 70's party...

    Take some bowls and lay them in a nice pattern of your choice, stick some kale in between the bowls for that professional salad bar touch and fill to your hearts content with the following items:

    Must haves!

    Alfalfa Sprouts and Bean Sprouts!

    Sunflower seeds


    (Add those 3 items and you'll see a sly smile from anyone over 40... "Oh, yeah...!")

    Some more choices: Lettuce, of course, Tomatos, Broccoli, 3 Bean salad, Shredded Cheese, Onion, Celery, Green Pepper, Beets, Garbanzo Beans, Red Cabbage, Bacon Bits, Chopped Egg, Croutons, Olives

    Other salads:

    Ambrosia Salad

    Watergate Salad

    Chicken Salad

    Cole Slaw

    Wilted Spinach salad

    Spinach salad (Cold, vinaigrette, crumbled bacon, mushrooms, croutons)

    Three Bean Salad

    Tuna Salad

    Waldorf Salad

    Popular Salad dressings in the 70's

    French Dressing, Russian Dressing, Ranch Dressing, Thousand Island Dressing Italian Dressing

    70's Party Main Dishes

    Fondue (Meat, Cheese)


    Submarine Sandwiches

    Monte Cristo Sandwiches (I loved these! I never see these in restaurants anymore)

    Beef Wellington (fancy dish)

    Salmon cakes


    Tempura Shrimp


    Egg Foo Young

    Chicken Chow Mein


    Fettucine Alfredo


    Swedish Meatballs

    Meatballs with a jam or jelly sauce (can be served over rice or w/ toothpicks)

    Quiche Florentine

    Quiche Lorraine

    Pita Pocket Sandwiches

    Hamburger Helper (verrry 70's --but would you want to serve this at a party?)

    Smoked Sausage (such as Hillshire Farms) sliced, in a crockpot, with apricot jam glaze (serve w/ tooth picks)

    Side Dishes:

    Macaroni and Cheese

    Zucchini Bread

    Stove Top Stuffing

    Broccoli Casserole

    Green Beans Almondine

    Candy and Fun Foods for atmosphere:

    Twix Cookie Bars

    Hershey Kisses

    Screaming Yellow Zonkers

    Pop Tarts

    Non Alc Drinks

    Coke, Pepsi, Tab, Sprite, 7 Up, Rootbeer

    Hawaiian Punch

    Kool Aid


    Old Time Lemonade

    Celestial Seasonings Teas

    Alcoholic Drinks

    Cold Duck Champagne


    Sweet cheap wines such as Boone's Farm and Annie Green Springs don't exist anymore --use wine coolers

    Tequila Sunrise

    Harvey Wallbangers

    Kahlua n' Cream

    White Russians

    Black Russians

    Daiquiris (Strawberry, Banana, Peach, Pineapple)



    Chocolate Fondue (dip strawberries and pound cake)

    Carrot cake

    Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Bob's Big Boy Ice Cream Cake


    Jello and or Jello mold

    Pudding served in individual glass cups

    Baked Alaska

    Cherries Jubilee

    Bananas Foster

    Pineapple Upside Down Cake

    Strawberry Shortcake

    Coconut Cream Pie

    Boston Cream Pie


    Lemon Meringue Pie

    Lemon Chiffon Cake

    Yogurt and Granola (considered a dessert or breakfast in the 70's)

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    This Site Might Help You.


    1970's party food?

    We are having a 70's themed party and would like some ideas for typical food for a buffet, apart from cheese and pineapple on sticks!

    Source(s): 1970 39 party food: https://shorturl.im/Z3wNe
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    sorry but the fondue didnt reach our area until the mid 1980's in fact I had one as a wedding present in 1990!

    No one has mentioned Scotch Eggs - they were deemed to be very special party food because they took so long to make (no you didnt buy them from the supermarket).

    Dont forget iced party biscuits with holes in the middle (no one ate the brown ones) and iced gems.

    Also it was still the era of big trifles

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    Finger sandwiches filled with colored cream cheese(use food coloring for different colors).

    Macaroni-tuna salad

    Potato salad(don't forget to add chopped green peppers)

    Town House or Ritz crackers with french onion dip.

    Fried chicken wings

    Deviled eggs

    Don't forget to add ginger ale to the fruit punch.

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  • yash
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    fondue , gouda cheese balls, vienna sausages in bbq sauce, tom collins (alcoholic drink),quiche , chex mix,peach daquiri,Molded-Cheese Pineapple, Herbed Roast Beef, Chutney Fruit Sauce, Mustard Cream, Parker House Midgets, Seafood Salad Souffle, Tiny Tim Pecan Tarts, Coffee, Tea; Dilled Relish Tray, Crisp Crackers, Buffet Glazed Ham, Sweet-Sour Mustard Cream, Button Biscuits, Meatball Miniatures, Cherry Tomatoes,Pretty Party Pate, Melba rounds

    HAVE FUN !

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    Well if you're having the cheese and pineapple sticks you must also have silverskin onions - the tiny ones, and baby beetroots, bowls of fresh rice with peas and sweetcorn mixed through and bowls of fresh fruit salad made using pimms with the fruit juices. Have a lovely party!

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    There's a TV programme on Tuesday BBC2 The supersizers go seventies. They live the lifestyle and eat food from the seventies for a week. So I hope that helps you.

  • Anonymous
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    Cheese footballs


    Cheese straws

  • Anonymous
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    Aw - My first thought was the cheese and pineapple sticks!

    Mini sausages on sticks, Ritz biscuits.

    If you're having sweet things, those little French Fancies. They remind me of the 70s and the cherry bakewells.

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    Finger Sandwiches, fondue pot., deviled eggs...ect. Food hasn't changed that much since than. Have fun.

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    First, the 70's was "my" era, and I don't remember EVER eating cheese fondue, or cheese & pineapple on sticks! (Los Angeles area)..... Make some brownies with a little oregano in them (for texture, not flavor, to be like Alice B. Toklas brownies).... onion dip & chips ...rumaki ... jello molds were still popular (although not as popular as in the 50's, when our parents always made them) ... Mac & Cheese ... pizza ... Come to think of it, most of the basic foods we eat now are what I made then! Hamburger Helper was popular, but I never made it, but you could do a casserole. I DID have fondue pots with hot oil, with dishes of tempura batter, to dip veggies, fish & meat in and cook yourself (but never a cheese fondue) - and made chocolate fondues for dessert with fruit, marshmellows & ladyfingers .....

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