Is it possible to paint a wood laminate desk?

I want a white computer desk but can't afford to buy a new one. I have an existing desk from Ikea that is made from pressboard and covered with brown laminate (so it looks like wood). Is it possibel to refinish or paint over a wood laminate finish and get good results? If so, how is it done?

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    Yep, that can be done ... the finish may not last forever, but if you do it correctly, it should look great for at least several years.

    First step ... give the whole surface a good dust and wipe to remove any residue ... and then VERY lightly sand it. You don't want to remove any of the laminate, just rough up the surface a teeny bit.

    Then give it a coat of high-adhesion primer. Let that dry VERY thoroughly (at least several hours ... overnight is better).

    Then 2 coats of your white paint. Two thin coats is better than one thick one. You'll have better luck with a semi-gloss or even gloss-finish paint (it will be easier to maintain) than a flat-finish.

    You'll need to use a brush to get into the corners, but try to use a small sponge-roller over as much of the visible surface as you can ... the coverage will be much more even!

    Good luck on your project!

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    you can buy a formica type sheet that you can cut to size and glue to the top. But that will probably cost more than the desk is worth. How about a sheet of 1/8" CDX plywood cut to size and screwed into the top and then finish with a polyurethane stain? Again, you'll probably have $30 into the materials, but it would stop the problem with peeling

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    You can paint it, but if you put to thick a coat it will never get hard and therefore scratch or dent easily (Wont be great to write on). You could remedy that by putting a glass piece on top to give you a hard surface.

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    yes you can...get some kilz...and then the paint you want i suggest a gloss latex water base..i did this on some cheap cabinets..and it turned out great..dont overload the paint..get a small roller brush for bathrooms it comes with a tray about 2 bucks at lowes or thin coats do two of the kilz..and then two or three thin coats of the paint...should be beautiful when you are done

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