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belkin port forwarding?

Does anyone know anything about port forwarding on Belkin please

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    I do

    Now what do you want to do?

    Usually when you port forward you forward a specific port to a specific static LAN IP address. This means that you first assign a static IP address to the specific device (not a dynamic LAN IP addres) and then you go to the port forwarding section of the router, enter the port #, define it as TCP or UDP, and enter the static LAN IP address to which you wish to have the forwarded port directed.

    Let's say you wish to port forward port 4001 as TCP to the pc at LAN IP address You go to the port forward page and basically follow the prompts to do this. Now if someone enters your public IP address followed by a : and the port number 4001 the router will forward the incomig packet to Let's say you have public IP and you have a security camera running pc at If you enter from the internet you will see the images from the camera.

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    Many times I have also had to forward the same port for UDP with TCP. Solved some problems hosting game servers

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    Apart from allowing the port 80 forwarded through the router and pointing at your machine's internal IP address, you need the firewall on the machine opened for port 80. The only problem with this is that the addresses will be different form inside the network to outside, as the routing is different. Only the machine's ip address or network name will work from inside.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Try using

    That should solve your problem.

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