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^^^^^Hi all im building a loft conversion & want to get away with a partywall act please help>>>>?

orite alll and thanks for looking i built a single story extension this year & had to go for a party wall know doing the loft in 3months & getting the building regs drawn up is there anyway of getting away with the party wall act ie not to load the party wall im only building a really small dormer window made from wood structure ie...thanks all

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    Party Wall Act only covers work on the party structure - if you are fitting a roof light well away from the wall in question, and fitted between rafters supported on your own wall, I can't see why you would need an award. Always safe to tell your neighbour what you're up to though - but merely as a courtesy. (He'll get to know if you are applying for planning permission, anyway.) The act is for your benefit as well - so if you really do need it, you would be wise to ensure you comply, and remember yu have to serve the notice 2 months in advance if you can't agree otherwise.

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    Well, if you are thinking about how to support the floor without putting a wall plate onto the paty wall, of course you could run an RSJ parallel with the wall resting on your house walls either end. Whether it is worth the trouble and expense to do this instead of doing the party wall thing is something you can tell.

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    you abuse the party wall act and you will get hurt

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