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Linux Operating system with Asus Eee?

I am about to abondon my trusted yet old toshiba laptop for an Asus Eee mini laptop, however, not being too computer 'savvy', I am unsure about the Linux Operating system.

Does anybody else have an Asus Eee?

A linux OS?

And linux open office?

How do they function in your opinion?

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    The Asus EEE PC runs the Xandros distro of Linux; it is designed to be easy and practical to use so I don't think you will run into any problems there. It comes pre-loaded with applications such as Firefox and Open Office etc. Where you may face difficulties is when it comes to installing other applications or finding suitable drivers for peripherals such as scanners and printers etc or using mobile broadband.

    You will find loads of useful advice and help at the EEE user forum

    review of latest EEE 900

    Hacks and tweaks

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