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Would you like to travel 1 MILLION YEARS BACK in time to meet your ancestor?

Would he or she recognize you? To him you have really changed a great deal, and not always for the better.

What could you learn with your ancestor?

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    hell yes!

    lets see, still homosapiens, umm..neolithic? what does that mean? oh man! i used to know this stuff!... too many late nights down the pool hall to blame.

    k, so probably he/she living a subsistence level hunter gatherer stone tools existence right?

    ummm....language is probably combination of Neanderthalic-mixed-vocals-head-butt-to-the skull-to-make-a-point mixture.

    um me be learning um how to bang rock together make sharp edge yes good for skinning animal yes.

    him be learning descendant from da future has very thin skull and head butting to empathize important point is not recommended oh no.

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    Let's do some math. The average age a man spawns would be,.. let's take 25 years. Seems a bit young right now, but a couple of millennia ago, 25 was middle-aged. So my ancestor 1 million years ago is 40.000 generations previous. Every generation adds 1 person to my lineage, (everyone generation adds 1 spouse to create the next generation). So the DNA of that ancestor is mixed with 40.000 others to make mine. No way he would recognize me.

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    No. It would be a waste of my time. I cannot change the past to make myself better, and knowing exactly where I came from isn't that important.

    However, if you asked if I would like to travel 1 million years into the future and meet our descendants, then I would have to say YES. Looking at what we become can give us insight into what we can do as a society to enhance their lives in the future.

    On the other hand, 1 million years is a very long time. Its not likely that anything that we do as a society is going to change anything that is noticeable 1 million years from now, except maybe complete and total annihilation of the human species from the planet.

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    It would be really good to see who my ancestor was/is. I would be able to learn loads about my roots and where i really came from. I dont think for 1 moment that they would recognise me at all, nor me them, but once we got talking (somehow), then i'm sure there would be some kind of bond. The one main thing that i would probably learn from him is that they had it a lot harder them days, and that we (in this day and age), should appreciate what we have now...

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  • Yes, I will want to ask if I can be guided to navigate the stars to travel somewhere afar. I would want to discover an island with bountiful of such natural resources for life and living in the future. To seek if there could be an amount of treasures!

    I will promise to use their name for that island as my gratitude!

    Just an idea..

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    It is more important that I make myself a better person in order for my descendants to be proud of their ancestor.

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    Would love to learn the fine art of brachiating, but not sure it wouldn't be an awkward meeting.

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    Well I would love to meet him but no thanks because in those times people were barbaric. I dont wanna eat mutton in such a gross manner. Everything should be done through a gentle and organized procedure. Well in our country people were barbaric. But then civilization came.

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    a million years ago there were not any humans alive, so it would be like meeting God, I guess. I know he would always recognize me, because I am his daughter.

  • I would perefer ten million sterling pounds in my bank account ... ancestors shmancestors ...

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