How long should my penis be to have sex???

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Im 16 and my penis is like 3.1 inches, do u think i can actually have sex with a penis that long because my girlfriend (who hasn't seen it yet) really wants to. What shuld i do?
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yes you can
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  • alvin e answered 6 years ago
    Yes you can have sex with a 3.1 in penis. It's not as small as you might think just be confident and remember its not all about the size its how you do it. I know you might be afraid of what she might say but don't worry if she really love's you then it shouldn't matter to her. Remember its not about the size its how you use it and make sure you use protection and have a enjoyable time!=)
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  • Ferg Berg answered 6 years ago
    hope its no 3.1 when its errect! ya floater! what a dissapointment you gf's in for!! fruitcake
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  • Mike R answered 6 years ago
    I wuld think that it wuld be possible, if u waited a bit longer as ur only 16 maybe it will get bigger and u wuld be able to make "her" very happy.
    Good Luck and always wear protection
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