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How can anybody honestly feel the Penguins can pull it off after last night's game?

Last night's game wasn't even close. Detroit flat out dominated. It should have been 5-0 because the call on Holmstrom was bogus. The Penguins didn't even look like a team that deserved to make the playoffs, let alone be in the finals. Then again, Detroit will do that to you...

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    This is the first time the Penguins have run into a team like the Wings and they were helpless at adjusting.

    Detroit owned center ice. They only started losing faceoffs when the game was sealed, hence the misleading 35-31 edge to Detroit. Prior to going up 3-0, they were crushing in the faceoff circle.

    Did you see all of the camera shots of Therrien's face? He looked totally baffled and frustrated.

    Crosby will have to have a completely different approach on Monday. Taking a slashing penalty showed he was frustrated at being bottled up by the Wings' checking. He's no Wayne Gretzky, and Detroit showed again how their secondary scoring wins games.

    Being cute does not win Stanley Cups. And teen girl, if you think the Pronger approach is going to work, think again. You can't win if you're head hunting. You win by scoring and preventing goals. I hope you learn something about hockey beyond glossy photos of young stars relentlessly pushed by the league as saviours.

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    I'm a die-hard Wings Nut, but I have to admit that the Pens are a good team too. I just think that because they dominated the Eastern Conference, they got a little too ahead of themselves and figured that they would walk all over Detroit too, which obviously didn't happen. I think that the Pens are going to be a little more focused for Game 2 and get it together before the end, but the Wings will still win the cup in 5-6.

    Just remember, the Wings had their walk of shame too where they have won the first game and then lost the next four so I'm not getting too cocky just yet. As long as they remain focused though, they'll be just fine and I get to miss a day of work to go to the parade.

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    A couple things, LETS GO PENS....first off, bitter much? Attacking the octopi tradition as some sort of Detroit cop out for getting excited? Ha! No one was trying at the end of the game? So you're saying that the Pens just decided they can't compete and said F it? I guess you're also saying that Detroit doesn't even need to really try to score on Fleury, huh? Please. And last but not least, name me one game this year where Osgood "broke down and started letting goals in". You can't. Because Osgood is consistent. Had you said Dominik Hasuck instead, I may agree. I understand you're angry, as I would be, and am any time my team loses a game, but coming up with poor excuses and bagging on the Detroit fans makes you and the fans you're representing look pathetic. Shame on you for that, as any true and fair Pens fan would agree with me. Fleury played awesome, and the first half of the game lived up to the hype, but the Wings wore the Pens down, as they do with most teams. There's no shame in just admitting that maybe you underestimated the Wings just a tad. As for the question, it's kind of a dumb assumption to make after one game. Detroit may have been more prepared, Pitt a little more nervous, (as noted by Fleury's pre-game face plant). Pitt will be more prepared next game, but do you honestly think Detroit won't prepare for that as well? Anything can happen, and I'm just glad Detroit played stellar, and set the tone for the series, with coming away with a game 1 victory.

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    As a die-hard and utterly biased Red Wings fan, I must say that the Penguins will come out so much faster in game 2. Detroit will need to work harder and get the first line scoring more to keep winning. There is no way the Pens don't come out fired up and throwing everything at Ozzy after their poor performance last night.

    It is, as they say, only one game. Even though the Penguins embarrassed themselves.

    Oh, and alysonar and Life & Basketball - please do us all a favor and stop posting for awhile. You sound like a couple of 8-year olds.

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    I totally agree with those comments on Therrien's demeanor in the press conference. That was a disgrace. He acted like he lost the Cup already. I know he is not that animated of a guy, but seriously show some fire and determination for next game. I really think that was how the entire lockerroom was after the game. They just haven't faced adversity yet. Talk all you want about regular season adversity, sure it helps, but it is nothing compared to the Stanley Cup Finals.

    Therrien needed to act like it was only one game, but he looked completely dejected. I don't doubt that they will play hard the rest of the series, but you can't act like that.

    Let's also REALLY look at the game... The Pens did look quite good at times. They still looked better than Dallas did at any point of that series. And Dallas is a dang good team. Pittsburgh was really dedicated at backchecking in the neutral zone. Detroit is the only other team that I have seen in the playoffs with that good of backchecking.

    THE PENS PLAYED A GOOD GAME. I really don't see them able to play any better. Osgood made great saves, Just like he has all year. Don't discount what Osgood did either, he is proving that he is the best goalies in these playoffs. He may not have to make as many saves, but that makes his job much harder.

    The Pens were dejected from the moment the "no-goal" happened. The look on Therrien's face just proves it. He really needs to keep his players confident, even if they don't score.

    Wings in 5.

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    Well as said its only one game. the most important game is the next one. Looking at the entire season AND the playoffs. Detroit is on a mission. their top scoring line is also the top checking line, WOW. The Pens have their work cut out for them. With their lack of playoff experience. this loss will dwell with them, and they will carry it into the next game. The experience of Detroit carried them past the disappointment of the disallowed goal.They learned what could happen when it happened with Dallas. The pens are in a series with a team that is so well rounded with scoring, checking,defense, talent, and just total determination(unlike any team they have played yet). but experience tells us that the next game based on the players, determination, and effort that show up for THAT game. I give the Pens a 15% chance of getting to a deciding game in their favor. Detroit in 6. I <3 Life & Basketball, your so funny. fleury292001, ya and still lost the series to DETROIT.

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    I <3 Life & Basketball: If you honestly think the Penguins deserve to win the Stanley Cup if they start injuring Red Wings players to gain a severe advantage, you're no hockey fan at all. Let the two teams play the game the way it's supposed to be played and leave the headhunting to the realm of cheating where it belongs.

    And to answer the question, I don't think the Penguins will win the Cup, but I do think they'll be more fired up for the next few games, especially when they go home to Pittsburgh for games 3 and 4.

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    I am a big fan of the red wings and i live in detroit but i will give you an honest opinon...I think that the refs last game were in favor of the penguins because its a bunch of crap that they waved off holmstroms goal and called him for goalie interference i dont think the penguins are good enough to beat the wings, i mean thet had tons of powerplay chances that they didnt score on.

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    What game were you watching? Most of the game the Penguins were giving as hard as they took. They are going to learn from the experience. Also remember this is the first time they opened a series on the road.

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