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New Cat Owner, Need Advice?

Ok, so over the weekend I got a 7month old female kitty, she is great, but this is the first time in my adult like owning a cat.

My Questions are:

what is the best kind of kitty litter

the best kitty food

the best kitty scratching post

the best kitty toys


also, she is going to be an indoor cat, any advice, if she slips out the door?

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    Best kind of kitty litter...I've used Tidy Cats Multiple Cats Small Spaces as long as I can remember. I had an older cat that wouldn't use anything else. Now I have a younger cat (less than a year old) who also only uses this. I've tried different litters with each, even the kind you can flush down the toilet or the natural stuff. Neither of them would use the litter box unless I had the Tidy Cats in there.

    Best kind of kitty food...Science Diet seems to be the most nutrient filled food out there. All the food that you see at Walmart or Shopko like Friskies and Cat Chow all use fillers and to tell you the truth, those fillers aren't as nutritious and also make your little kitty use the bathroom more and it's pretty stinky too.

    Best kitty scratching post...your furniture. If you don't want your furniture ruined, try some of that tape you can find at pet stores to put on your furniture for a little while. Cats don't like the feel of the tape so after a while, they'll turn to something else to scatch. Therefore, also have a scratching post or cat tree or something carpet and sisal covered for your little one to scratch.

    Best kitty toys...bouncy balls, balls with jingles inside, or anything that makes noise if they play with it themselves. One recommendation...there are popular kitty toys out there that almost every cat likes--little mice with tails. My little kitten LOVED to chew the tails off and eat them. Not a good idea! If you get the mice toys, cut off the tails because the kitty might not digest the tails like normal food is digested and it could cause medical problems for them (such as a surgery to get the tails out).

    As for getting out the door if she's staying an indoor cat, give her a collar and put your name and phone number on it. That way, if someone finds her, they will know who to contact and you will get your kitty back!

    Any other questions, feel free to ask! Good luck with your new little buddy!

    Source(s): Long-time cat owner
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    purina cat foods are awsome, tidy cat works well, but natural cat litters are supposed to be somehow healthier. Cats always scratch your furniture even with a post, but I have brought in a piece of fire wood in the winter and had some success, Toys are different depending on your cat. Get a reflective collar just in case kitty escapes, and have her chipped. Letting an indoor cat outside while you are out with them working on the lawn etc, can be very healthy for kitty. And the best cat hair removal systems include (but are not limited to) a spray bottle of your favorite liquid fabric softner diluted appropriately to spray directly on rugs and furniture before wiping dry, and brushing off the hair, roller tape, pet hair sponge, and the bissel pet hair remover or healthy home vacuum with the pet hair wands. IF kitty pees in the house you MUST get enzymatic cleaners, The sooner you clean up the better and limit temptations by closing closet doors and bedroom doors (if there is carpet) and keeping large potted plants up off the floor..:)

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    Best kitty litter is Bob Martin, its a crystal type stuff and in my opinion is by far the most manageable.

    My cat won't eat anything other than Felix meat and Go-Cat biscuits!

    My scratching post is from and goes from floor to ceiling, its more like an adventure playground!

    And my kitty's fave toys? Anything noisy!

    Sooty (my cat) slipped out once in pouring rain fo 2 hours...never gone near the door since!

    Good luck with your kitty!!

    Source(s): Tried and tested on my own kitty cat!
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    Welcome to the wonderful world of of being a cat slave! :D

    1 - World's Best Cat Litter - I seriously recommend this, though bit more pricey. It's made of corn and still clumps. Problem with other clumping litters, is that there's a chemical that's toxic for cats when they lick their paws afterwards to clean. It clumps in their stomachs and can sometimes kill them! My cat has NEVER refused to use this litter either, except once when she couldn't get to in time cause she was sick.

    2 - I recommend ones that aren't made w/ animal-by-products and don't have rice as first ingredient in their descriptions. However, some cats are so picky you have to go with that can eat. Mine goes for Purina (wet and dry). It's good to do both, for wet helps them from getting dehydrated. Also, buy it at PetSmart! If your cat doesn't like it/won't eat it, you can bring it back for a refund! Even if opened (tho of course not half-all gone). GREAT place until you know what your cat will eat.

    3 - Scratching posts - I recommend the stand-up pole ones that have the twine-like ropes on 'em. DON'T use the carpet ones, because the texture/feel of 'em make them think it's ok to do the SAME THING on YOUR carpet :) You may need to gently imitate the motion in front of your cat on the post at first so they get the idea.

    4 - Best toys, it really depends on the cat! Mine loves the cheap little mice and brown paper bags. Have to experiment and see what your cat will go for! Start cheaper, you'd be surprised what they like :D

    5 - Mine is indoors only and I recommend collar and tag of course. Debate is still out on microchips because the scanners aren't universal :( Shot in the dark, but not guaranteed, your choice. Also, maybe try getting scented stuff that is made to specifically repel cats and put it near the door if you're that worried. However, make sure non-toxic or NOT allergy-inducing. You won't have them greeting you at the door though.

    ** In addition, I recommend pet insurance NOW while they're still completely healthy (so won't be rejected for 'pre-existing conditions') and keeping up to date with ALL shots. Figure out your vets (check reviews) for regular and emergency BEFORE it's needed.

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    I would suggest getting a litter maid...

    its a electronic litter box... its great

    My prefer little is the sawdust litter, its made of pine tree dust... cats cant tell the difference but it controls smells better and its eco friendly

    purina makes the best cat food in my opinion

    best scratching post is whatever, usually cats will pick what they like sometimes your sofa :(

    my cat really doesnt do toys, but likes crumbled paper balls and belts...

    if she slips out the door, she will probably be very scared and look for a place to hid, just keep your ears open and look for good hiding spots

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    Arm and Hammer-small spaces-clumping

    Science diet or Meow Mix for Indoor Cats

    Anything with carpet that she can stretch and still be reaching

    Bells, things that roll, and things with feathers that you can make move for her to chase.

    Advice on indoor: is that cat EVER runs outside, it will never give up after that. Once they do it, they never stop trying. I suggest to not let it happen and if it does, catch her and ignore the meowing at the door for the next week while she is begging to do it again.

    First time cat owner: Be patient, remember unlike dogs they are very "to them selves" and love their owners is a different way then dogs. They could care less whether or not they please you, as long as you are pleasing them. They need played with and talked to to become "attached" to you. Enjoy the kitty and make sure it get's a wellness exam at a vet since you just got her. Enjoy!

    Source(s): I have kitties and my husband is a vet
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    First thing, if she isn't fixed get her to the vet.

    The scoopable kitty litter with deoderizors are the best.

    I leave dried cat food and water out all the time (she still needs to be on kitten chow for another few months) purina makes some tasty ones as well as friskies. I also feed my cats morning and night with wet cat food. Whiskas and friskies are their prefered choices along with fiesta for treats.

    There are carpet tubes that she can run in and clean her claws on. As to toys, I buy anything that makes a noise and they can bat around in.

    Truthfully every cat is different - so you will have to learn by trial and error in a number of things.

    But first, get her to a vet to be fixed........

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    The best scratching posts can depend on the cat. One of mine will only scratch on horizontal surfaces, so he has a scratching pad in every floor. My other cat prefers vertical surfaces, so she has scratching posts on every floor. If you get a post, make sure it has rope wrapped around it, not carpet. Rub it with cat nip to encourage your cat to use it.

    The best toys are the cheapest, cardboard boxes, paper bags, things that crinkle. Get lots of balls, some with bells, some soft. Mine really prefer the soft ones so they can carry them around. Its also fun to coat them in catnip and watch the cat go nuts. I also give mine toys they can climb into. Walmart has some good ones. No need to spend alot on toys for a cat. Don't forget to get toys you can use to interact with your cat, fishing pole toys are great for that.

    As far as litter, I like the crystals that dry out the poo and evaporate the pee. It cuts the smell pretty quickly and is easy to clean. I use the Mimi Litter from walmart, $4 a bag and it lasts a month. I recommend getting a covered litter box too, it gives the cat their privacy and cuts the smell.

    If you need to discipline your cat, the best tool is a spray bottle with water. If that's not handy, make a quick hissing noise to let the cat know you don't like that behavior.

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    You should get her microchip just in case. I think the best kind of litter is the clumping kind. You should definitely go for the premium bran cat foods like Wellness or Innova Evo. They don't have any meat by-products, corn, corn Gluten wheat or soy. They are more expensive but you are paying for quality. You should get some cat trees for her to climb on and hide and sleep in.Scratching post should be tall and made of sisal fabric. Toys with catnip

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    if you want her to be an indoor cat DONT let her out at all if she tries BLOCK her. i have three cats and i made the mistake of lettingone of them out for a few minutes now everytime i open the door she runs outside.

    For kitty litter i use fresh scoop scopeable

    Cat food, Imas or friskies softfood

    For scrathing post just any ordinary one, just make sure you train her to use it and not the furniture or stairs

    Toys: catnip stuffed mice or just a string they go crazy

    good luck

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