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Women, would you ever beat up a female psychopath co-worker for getting you in trouble and getting away with?

it all because the managers are foolish enough to be brainwashed by her charming way?

I'm talking evil women who like to get other people in trouble, ruin their lives by spreading vicious, malicious, mean, nasty, vile slanderous lies about a certain someone, getting other people to turn against a certain someone, framing a certain someone for thing she is didn't even do, stealing other women's pay stubs to see if they are making more money than her and also being so charming to the managers just to get them as her best friends?

So ladies have you ever wanted send a female psychopath straight to the curb face down gushing and clotting?

Would you ever?

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    Wow seems we've worked with the same people! We had TWO in our office. One quit right in time, I swear we were about to hire a hitman. Then I quit before the other one and I recently heard she was let go because she caused too many problems. Unfortunately too late, she had caused a couple of people to get fired and some to quit. I hope now the owner realizes how stupid she was for believing her and loosing such good people. I just now wish their new co-workers the best of luck!

    Yeah we (me and my other co-workers) all wanted to cause some harm, but never would, we were better people. And because of that we are all in better places now.

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    I just told on my female psychopath coworkers right before deciding I was quitting and going to another workplace. One decided to leave and I stayed for about a month before that one got her friend to try to get me in trouble. I took my vacation...a PAID vacation...and then I quit, went on to next job. People like those women are the reason why I don't want to befriend anyone, unless they like me and I know they like me. At this job, I don't even bother with anyone who I see has a tendency toward grudges, jealousy, meanness, pettiness, etc. If I have to, then I am kind.

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    Face down gushing and clotting? Yes and worse

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    Violence is never good

    You catch more flys with honey than vinegar

    However, one time I was on my way home to get a gun. Thankfully the ride home was 15 minutes and I had time to cool off.

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    Time for a voodo doll and a little moonlit ceremony.

    Make her believe you're are a witch and you've cursed her. Then every little problem she has, she will believe it's you.

    What goes around comes around..

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    a million. "Get the hell far flung from me." come here candy cheeks enable me photocopy your assss 2. "you're able to desire to no longer refer to me, ever returned." come slightly nearer i choose to suck that pasty white coating off of your tongue 3. "i like it while issues go incorrect for you." enable me tutor you the way we are able to make it genuine, infant 4. "Hurting you is a few thing i think of a few lot." warm candle wax and a rope this night? 5. "I swear to God, i will kill you." i'm hungry

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    My inner trailor trash self would say kick that b!tches ***.

    But my mother raised me better...I would just slash her tires and put sugar in her gas tank

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    No, that is the easy way out - you have to outsmart them -

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    Not at work...... I catch her somewhere else!!

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