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Bit Torrent help?

I'm trying to downlaod a healthy file with thousands fo Peers and Seeds, but it's going at 0.2-0.5 kb/s then it might go up to 2.6kb/s then down again.

Why is it so slow, how do i make it faster, I've added some ports 6880 and another one I can't remember, how do I check they work, and what other things do I have to do to make the download faster

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    There is only one port needed for bittorrent. You should choose a port within the 49152-65534 range to avoid ISP blocks and possible conflicts.

    You can test to see if your port is open or closed here:

    If it is closed, then there are good guides for almost all routers and programs at portforward:

    You also have to set an exception in your software firewall. Best place for info on that is its help file.

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    first off, you have to forward the ports of your router (you'll have to look that one up in a manual, it depends on the model and manufacturer), second i would recommend using a different port, some ISPs slow them down since they know what they're used for, I use 23549 without any problems and my connects are FAST.

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    The best thing to do is leave the settings as they are, original ones, that knows what's best you.

    I have a wireless internet and there was no need to change any setting and it easily goes up to 200kb/s. And I don't have the best connection in the world, so to say.

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    This is most likely due to your ISP throttling BitTorrent speeds. Unfortunately, as ISPs are getting smarter now, it's unlikely that you'll be able to do anything to get past their throttling as they will most likely even be able to throttle encrypted traffic (my ISP, PlusNet, can throttle ALL BitTorrent traffic, encrypted or not)

    You may want to follow this tutorial from TorrentFreak. I'm not guaranteeing anything because I myself have given up trying to use BitTorrent.

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    Go on options, ports, listening ports or somthing like tat and then u can make it choose at random or you can change it to no listening ports

    Source(s): i got bit comet and it helped when i changed it !
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    it happens it might pickup later... the pice you are busy downloading could be coming from a slow upload

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