What country does the surname MORAN originate from?

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  • Tebs answered 6 years ago
Surname: Moran
Moran is an Anglicized form of two distinct Gaelic Irish sept names - O'Morain and O'Moghrain of Connacht. The Gaelic prefix 'O' indicates 'male descendant of', plus the personal byname Morain, from 'mor' meaning 'great' or 'large'. The original territory of the O'Morans lay in Elphin, County Galway, and at Ardnaree, County Mayo. Another branch of the sept was located in County Leitrim and a Coat of Arms granted to the Moran family of Ballinamore in this county is described as 'azure on a mount proper two lions combatant or supporting a flagstaff also proper there from a flag argent'. A chief of the sept, known as O'Morain, resided near Ballina in County Mayo. Another, O'Moghrain, was chief of Criffon, County Galway. The Galway sept was a branch of Ui Maine, an ancient population group of mid Galway and South Roscommon. The head of the powerful Roscommon family was seated near Ballintobber. One County Offaly clan, O'Murchain, (the sea-warriors), have Anglicized their name Morahan, Morrin and Moran. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of O'Morain, which was dated 1559 - in the Elizabethan 'Fiants' for Connacht, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth l of England, known as 'Good Queen Bess', 1558 - 1603.

Last name origins & meanings:
Irish: Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Móráin ‘descendant of Mórán’, a personal name meaning ‘great’, ‘large’; the stress is normally on the first syllable.
English: variant of Morant, normally pronounced with the stress on the second syllable.
Spanish (Morán): habitational name from places called Morán in Asturies, Galicia (Pontevedra) and Aragon (Zaragoza).

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good info,but i wanted to know the surname MORAN decended from spain or ireland
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  • The Bishop's Ex Housekeeper answered 6 years ago
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  • ezekiel answered 6 years ago
    far as I know it's an Irish name. I've known it prunounced as Mor an and Moor ran.
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  • I'm a gem answered 6 years ago
    A boy in my class is from el salvador and his last name is Moran.
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  • yvonne0509 answered 6 years ago
    yeah ireland
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  • Jellybean answered 6 years ago
    The only Morans I've came across were Irish Travellers who lived in Scotland.
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  • SomeLady answered 6 years ago
    Moran is an Irish surname originally found in County Mayo where the family held a seat since ancient times.

    The Irish spelling is " Ó Móráin "

    the rough translation is "little man"


    i'm Irish
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  • timo answered 6 years ago


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  • Allison C answered 6 years ago
    ithink it might french canadian
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  • MR. KRATOS answered 6 years ago
    The country of Moron
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  • D answered 6 years ago
    I think it maybe Italian.
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