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is starting ballet at 15 to late?

i used to take ballet when i was younger, and i've been wanting to start again, but was wondering if 15 is too late to start and actually become good?

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    Of course not, infact you'll be able to progress higher and quicker..

    if you are looking to become a professional in ballet... and travel to different countries.. you'll need to put in atleast 3 days a week.. of ballet..

    girls your age are up to pointe..

    your not to old to become a professional..

    you need to concentrate n what you want ..

    the more days a week of ballet you do.. the quicker you'll be able to progress..

    If you are doing ballet for fun..

    then go for it..

    you can do any number of days per week..

    Overall, never be discouraged by other dancers, try your best and work hard..

    everyone is talented in what they love..

    Hope this helped

    = ]

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    Sure you can become good, but contrary to what some of the other posters have said, you've about a zero chance of becoming good enough to become a professional ballerina (if that was your goal). Remember, that you get out of something as much as you put in....have some fun and Good Luck

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    it is relatively not too previous by using start ballet! in case you desire to do it as a interest,it is great and great! in case you desire to pass expert? you will could desire to bounce daily,and it is going to be not basic to artwork as much as the wide-unfold that the 15 years previous around you. At this age,human beings could be getting waiting to pass expert and audition for a company. you need to do ballet,and artwork your way as much as pointe,yet not pass expert. that's what i will do. I merely these days went back to ballet final 3 hundred and sixty 5 days(did it whilst i became into 7)and desire to artwork up my way as much as pointe,yet i don't desire to be a 'expert ballerina' because it incredibly is going to be great not basic and it is totally not basic to alter right into a expert. yet the two way,interest or expert, at this age, a lot of 15 3 hundred and sixty 5 days olds would be in an strengthen point,so do not take it individually,yet there are going to be human beings around your age who're greater progressed than you. So,you're able to be able to desire to artwork incredibly not basic to benefit each and every of the basics,and ballet isn't all approximately pirouettes and stuff. Ballet demands a lot of potential, flexibility, gracefulness and technique! additionally stretch known! Oh and approximately "do you think of it incredibly is a sturdy time?"nicely,the older you get,the greater you will in no way be waiting to truly do it. I mean like,your bones,in case you know what i'm speaking approximately?nicely i know a lot of persons who began at 15 and grew to alter right into a expert 'like Vanessa Sah interior the Anaheim ballet! She purely began in college!

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    No way, tons of people start dance late and become very good!

    for example Sabra the one who won "So you think you can dance" started dancing when she was 16 ... that was only four years before the show.

    It will be hard work , but very funn if you do.

    Im a dancer and i love it

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    no, it's never too late if you're dedicated and work hard. i'll be honest, a lot of people will tell you it's not too late but you'll never be good enough to go pro. i think you can do anything if you work hard enough. of course, going pro isn't everything. even if you wanted to do something with your dancing, what about something like teaching? going pro isn't your only option. you could also just dance for fun. doing it for fun doesn't mean you aren't good. so i'd say go for it :)

    good luck!

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    of course not! If you try hard and don't quit you can do it. I see girls try at an older age ballet and they are just as good as the people who start at age three. You can do it! Believe in yourself. Have fun and enjoy yourself.

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    No its not to late to start beginer classes. But you probably wouldnt make it to very advanced./competition classes or pointe. (Since at most studios you "graduate" from their studio when you graduate from high school) GOOD LUCK! <3

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    toooo late!

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