what is proportional representation?

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    UK elections work on the basis of 1 MP per constituency who are elected on the principle of "First past the post".This means that whichever candidate gets the most votes is elected to Parliament for that constituency even if this means can be elected with less than 50% of the total vote.It can also mean being elected on a minority od the total vote.

    Say Labour get 35% - the Tories get 28% -the Lib Dems get 20%.Labour win even though the other two parties between them got a total of 48% of the vote to their 35%.

    Proportional Representation ("PR") is designed to award seats in proportion to the % of share of the total vote.

    There are different ways of implementing PR The recent London Elections for Mayor allowed voters to vote a 1st and then a 2nd. preference.In that system if neither candidate got over 50% of first votes the second voter preference would be counted until one candidate had more than 50%.

    Another way of doing it could be to count up the % each party gets of the total national vote and award seats in Parliamnet in proportion.

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    PR is a category of electoral formula aiming at a close match between the percentage of votes that groups of candidates (grouped by a certain measure) obtain in elections and the percentage of seats they receive.

    PR is a democratic principle rather than an electoral system in itself. It is often contrasted to plurality voting systems, where disproportional seat distribution results from the division of voters into multiple electoral districts, especially "winner takes all" plurality ("first past the post" or FPTP) districts.

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    ok proportional representation in normal language is...

    you can vote for your first favourite as number 1 and then your second favourite as number 2 and so on!!

  • its when, elections take place, and like for example say CONSERVATIVES got 20 percent of the vote, they would get 20 percent seats in parliament etc so it works by percentage

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