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what computer language is mozilla firefox written in?

i was wondering because i want to modify the browser. (mozilla is an open source browser, meaning you are aloud to download the source code and modify it)

i cant tell. i have programming experience but i cannot tell what language it is written in

IE, c# c++ VB and so on..

any help appreciated

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Mozilla firefox is written in a combination of C++, XUL, XBL, and JavaScript.

    *EDIT* phil missed the question completely

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  • lorina
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    4 years ago

    nicely i'm no longer precisely particular how deleting firefox might get each and every thing deleted...yet at the start you will desire to back up something considerable on an exterior rigidity so your loss there. Secondly i do no longer see why cyber web Explorer might end working on the grounds which you made firefox your default browser. It sounds like your workstation or your workstation skills suck. i might propose paying for a sparkling Mac. they are oftentimes extra advantageous for much less experienced workstation purchasers.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i have it and it is in english. Maybe you downloaded the wrong one. Type in on google mozilla firefox (english) download or something like that.

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