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cant watch videos on youtube?

i cant watch ANY videos on youtube and ive tryed creating a new account and evreything why is it doing this! how do i fix this problum!!!!!!!!!it just keeps loading and ya

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    Obviously, you didn't read my answer to your question from

    a few days ago, so at the risk of looking selfish for 20 easy

    points, let me basically repeat what I wrote then:

    If your YouTube looks stuck, and you get advice from people

    to update, change or install things:....DON'T. It's never good

    to fool around with things you may not be comfortable with

    or knowledgeable about -- such as java scripts, flash players,

    firewall settings, antivirus utilities, pop-up blockers, registries,

    or even different browsers. Absolutely none of those things

    are going to help you, because your computer/YouTube was

    working perfectly fine before, right?

    The first and best option should ALWAYS be to try and work

    with what you already have -- rather than disabling, erasing,

    separating, uninstalling, altering, downloading, installing, or

    changing things (which will make things worse for you).

    Whenever YouTube seems stuck or displays strange things,

    empty your cache of all "temporary internet files", "cookies"

    and "history". Things will be okay afterwards.

    If you're not exactly sure how to do this, or if you want extra

    tips on how to make YouTube run even faster (all without

    having to install, buy or change anything), click on my avatar

    and email me. I will lead you through "cache" clearing and

    my other tips using easy and understandable "baby steps".

    [Note: a big source of problems is Google Web Accelerator.

    If you have it, dump it, burn it, trash it, disable it, get rid of it,

    uninstall it -- do whatever you can to get as far away from it

    as possible (even though this contradicts my own advice).

    You can also forget trying "Don't Accelerate this Website".]

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    probably network traffic is high, or something..

    these will help you...

    1. Use Opera browser, it will load faster and smoother, and re-install latest flash.

    get the latest flash player, and install it.. make sure all the browsers are NOT running during installation...


    2. It could be due to slow connection or high traffic.

    Try watching it during off peak hours, the video will be smoother.

    Or you could watch it offline smoothly... try using 'zillatube' .

    It works well - Just yahoo or google search "zillatube" to get it.


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    I used to have the same problem.

    In this case, you can try to download the vid before watching.

    I'm using Moyea flv downloader. It downloads very fast with high quality and supports full screen.

    And it is FREE.

    It is very easy to handle.

    You needn't get the url when downloading the vid.

    Just press "start recording"

    Click in the page where the vid is playing

    The downloader will automatically save it to your hard disk.

    Then you can watch it with the embeded flv player.

    You can search "flv downloader" on for more info.

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    Install flash player again.

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    try this one

    Youtube thumbnail

    if it doesn't work and you have flash try deleting cookies or getting a faster inernet download just look it up on yahoo

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    try a inernet broser you dont have, like internet explorer or mozilla firefox

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    id try and get a new computer if i were you-best guess is that its ur computers fault and not youtube

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