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VICTORY DAY TODAY!!!!! My respect to those who fought and lost their lives, fighting Nazis?

Sorry got deleted the first time but it is a joyful day that needs to be remembered

Today is a Great day, because 63 years ago on May 9th 1945 Nazi army was finally defeated in Europe.

Russia, Ukraine and many other Eastern European nations celebrate this day as one of the greatest days there is. Its a holiday full of celebrations and happy activities, it’s a day off work and parades everywhere. Since almost every family lost someone in this terrible war, I believe it is important not to forget and to honor those who fought and lost their lives.

On May 9th 1945, My grandmother finally received hope to see some of her surviving siblings and mother to be finally released from concentration camp, and my grandfather who started fighting the was at 15, could finally start living a peaceful life.

If anyone else feels like it is important to honor the brave soldiers please comment and feel free to add!

This is a happy question

We say S Dnyem Pobedi! С Днем Победы!


People that commented before please comment again :D

Update 2:

I'm stealing this from another post, but it is a VERY big deal in all Former Soviet Union Countries

Update 3:

Isa, I have absolutely nothing against Germans, but I have a whole lot against Nazis. This is to remember the people who fought against them

Update 4:

Oh Janet, I know it was terrible times.... My grandmother was Jewish and the only reason she was not sent to the concentration camp, because another family, who's children blew up on a mine, took her and her brother in as their kids. Her other 3 siblings and mother were taken away. None of the 3 kids survived, she was reunited with her mom after 3 years, but the only thing they received from her dad was a leg. The rest of him blew to pieces. She had to work in military camps at 12 and help take care of wounded soldiers. She had Alzheimer's before she died and was very parranoyed, hiding food everywhere and complaining that she is abused. It was very painful to watch

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    I know a relative who served in World War II in the 8th Army Air Force in England. I am proud he helped fight and save lives. We forget the bravery and how we should honor the soldiers. Do we know how this world would have been without them defeating Hilter? We must not forget the past, in order to try not to repeat it in the present or future.

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    I think it's great that you have this here.

    I recently watched Ken Burn's The War which was a terrific experience for me. It was sad to see the terrible toll the war took on many Eastern European countries which for a long time bore the brunt of the German army. So I totally agree with the idea of remembering the magnitude of victory over the Nazist and how much that still means for people many many decades later.!

  • Shilo
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    interesting background, Devochka. I was not aware that Victory Day was such a celebrated day.

    My mother-in-law is German. She has many stories to tell - lost many in her family during the war, including her mother.

    I will have to ask her if she celebrates this day.

    Edit: I will have to say this Devochka. My mother-in-law's father was in the German army. He defected after he was ordered to kill a bunch of Jews. He turned and shot they guy who was ordering him to kill. There is more.......but enough for now. My mother-in-law's family (several of them) committed mass suicide by hanging when they knew the Russians were arriving into town - they did not want to be shot in the streets. I have nothing against Russians (and especially you, dear), but war takes a terrible toll on people on both sides. My mother-in-law basically raised herself and her brothers, immigrated to the U.S. when she was 21 and has wreaked havoc on my life ever since I married her son. I feel the effects of this war via old scars.

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    Thank you for posting this - it meets a need and honors many who deserve it - whether FIGHTING or ENDURING. I had many relations impacted by this and have learned much through their stories and personal examples. May such an atrocity never happen again on the face of the earth.

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    When they celebrate do they recall the people Stalin had deported to Siberia? Do the know of Raul Wallenberg?

  • jim
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    Thank you for reminding us all of this day.

    Unfortunately in the US it is not celebrated as it is in Europe. My father, uncles and great uncles all fought from Finland to Europe and the Pacific.

  • Anonymous
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    This is a very memorable day! Many of us would not be here today if not for Soviet Army

  • Kelly
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    I was unaware of the Devo. Thank you for the information. I will ask my friends mother about it. She was from Germany. Excellent post!

  • Anonymous
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    Yes my ancestry celebrates it......Am European.

    But have NOTHING against German people......

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    very important .young people here not taught about how important it was ...too long ago.....

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