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Why is there so much competition between New Zealand and Australia?

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    I think it's because the Kiwis got sick of people confusing NZ as Australia's there 7th state. They have to face facts, we own NZ.

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    I think also its because people who haven't lived in / travelled to either Australia or New Zealand seem to think that we are one in the same - predominantly that New Zealand is part of Australia, this is quite annoying because we are so far apart geographically compared to say USA and Canada, or any European countries (have any of you ever thought ooh i wonder which part of France Germany is in)

    So theres kind of a consistent desire to point out that we are not the same! and of course it then goes with that the argument that " NZ is not part of Australia it is more beautiful, better etc, or vice versa"

    Source(s): I'm speaking as a kiwi who has experienced the apparent lack of knowledge that many people have regarding our two separate uniquely beautiful countries
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    There's a bit of competition when it comes to sport.

    Our two countries are pretty isolated down here so we're like cousins. When we play against eachother in sport it like a family playing together at Christmas - it can get ugly but we're still friends after the whistle blows.

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    its just the way it is. im a kiwi in sydney and everytime there is a nz and aussie game with league its on! all the racial taunts start popping up. all in good fun.... most of the time

    also our countries are very very competitive by nature so when it comes between the two of us prepare to see sparks start flying!

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    4 years ago

    Next year

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    Because both are competitors and every person in these lands does not watch the play but try to play and win.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    What competition?

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    We're like siblings. We love each other but like to compete.

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    It's like the sibling rivalry you get in families.

    We love each other but each of us likes to win.

  • I think Elizabeth nailed it.

    we poke fun at each other .. BUT I think we're protective of each other also ( say if another nationality picked on one of us)...

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