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Do British Soldiers get dog tags chains or just america?

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    The current service personnel do get their id discs on a chain.

    When I first joined we had one circular and one oval. The two were metal. Both contained the same information , number, name and initials, blood group and religion (I still have mine).

    They were attached by thin green cord that would have hung an elephant and were of a certain length (I can`t remember the dimensions) but the longest piece was first tied to the circular disc and then a short piece attached the round disc to the oval one.

    The round one stayed with the body and the oval was collected for graves registration.

    Source(s): ex brit military
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    Yes. All British personnel get them.

    Navy gets round ones. Two round ones, both metal. One on a small loop of chain through the longer chain worn around your neck. In the event of your snuffing it during conflict, it's one tag in the body bag with you, and the shorter chain attached to the zip.

    Name, number and blood group. No rank on Navy ones.

    Source(s): Ex RN.
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    When I was in the RAF in Borneo we had two Dog Tags. One was green and the other brown. One floated and the other was fire proof. I do not know if the present ones that are used are like this.

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    Yes. 1 green the other brown. One stayed with the body one was taken by the burial detail.

    If wounded the (non metal tags) stayed with the casualty.

    Source(s): ex squaddie.
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    Both get dog tags but the British have Their flag on the back of the dog tag to tell them apart at the end of the war or daring war

    Source(s): the inernet my grampa was in world war 2 and in the clivel war
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    I imagine all soldiers get them - for obvious reasons. A company sell a USB version for anyone i think it is called utags?

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    We used to have 3 circular discs with your name and army number.

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    Yes they do, 2 discs with name, rank, service number and religion engraved on them.

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    we do, three circular ones,but we call them i.d tags, not dog tags, this is an american phrase.

    Source(s): squaddie.
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    Beatie is correct.

    Although he forgot to mention that only sad-cases wear them when not on operations....

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