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Hillary wins in Ind, Barack pulls the black vote in NC, so on to the next stop.?

This race took on a whole new face this evening, One that

the supers will have to look at carefully, Hillary won Ind

on the strength of votes, Being out spent 3-1. She pulled

the white woman and blue collar workers. Barack pulled the

93% of the black vote,,, Makes him unelectable to the supers.

If this election go's down the track to the general on the race

issue only, The Dems can pack there bags and leave town,

Howard Dean is screaming I can hear him all the way to Fl.


Hillary will win one way or the other, She

will win by the vote or by the court, and

she will be standing there in August,

count on it,

Update 2:

Google News Barack Hussein Obama

concedes Ind, 45 minutes ago.

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    17,000 is a very small margin to win by, don't you think the supers will look closely at this, they wanted Hilary to drop out two weeks ago...It's going to be interesting.

    This is the posting I told you about watch this one..........pick the ones you think will do the thing and let me know....I'm watching to

  • 3 years ago

    Watch invoice Clinton's lips to guess the respond. he's arguing that Hillary Clinton wins the agricultural blue collar vote, which the Publicans continuously win, on an analogous time as Barack Obama wins the wealthy, the nicely knowledgeable and the greater youthful. if reality be told, Hillary Clinton wins customarily enormous Dem states (exceptions: Ohio and Texas) on an analogous time as Barack Obama wins distinctive the states the Pubs regularly get (exceptions: Ilinois and Wisconsin.) you artwork the best judgment. Who brings the main value extra to the cost tag? hint: you won't be able to say the two. Barack Obama sniffed out that nasty stinker and rejected it as quickly through fact the Clintons together farted it out. solutions on your questions: A) no longer bloody in all probability. B) Yep. As actual through fact the night follows the day.

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    Hillary won the blue collar workers in Indiana but Barack got the white collar votes! I am so sick of people trying to divide this race by black and white. There are more than black people voting for him. We are minorities remember there is no way that he can win with only the black vote, white people are voting for him too

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Hillary got 93% of the Feminatzi vote and Barak 93% of the Black vote.

    McCain in the White House

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  • 1 decade ago

    Look at all the counties Hillary won in Indiana compared to the very few that Obama won.

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    Black vote is only 10% of the population of the United States and that obviously tells us that "white" people are voting for Barack Obama. Look at his supporters at his rallies and speeches. Not many blacks that I see. Whoever gets the dem nomination will win in the fall, no doubt about it. This is a democratic year (we knew this before we even knew the candidates). And by the way Clinton has not won Indiana yet (as of 10:30 pm est). The math is impossible for her to win. With the way republicans are changing their status, McCain has a steep hill to climb. We already know who the the next President will be: Hopefully Obama AND Clinton:)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It looks like Obama might win Indiana. If he takes 57% of Lake County he will win. In another county that has fewer blacks he got 67%

    Regardless, Hillary has no chance now. Her chances of even forcing a VP slot are dwindling fast.

  • Anonymous
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    True, but Obama tonight locked up the nomination. However the SD will probably wait until after the PR primary, then they can say to her supporters that they let the whole election go its course and Obama won because he came out ahead.

  • Adam
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    Obama won only 8 counties in Indiana and its almost a 50/50 split. Does that tell you something?

    Its almost 50/50 in NC. Does that tell you something?

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes on to the next stop.

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