Horse fighting?

Animals being pushed to the limit...Sounds like mike vick is not much different then these horse racing gods!...Training...pushed hard...death to the unfortunate ones...Why is vick in jail and these gods are picking up the won wagers and purse money..hmmmmm...does that also sound like dog fighting...


im anti-peta or pita or whatever it is..face facts no research is needed race horses die at a alarming rate ...reality is research...

Update 2:

im making comparasions to why mike vick is in jail and we as a tax payer spent tons of money prosucating those in that situation..

Update 3:

mr logic..let me take a whip on you for almost 1mile and a quarter...

Update 4:

im not peta,thats crazy...people get honest with yourselfs..theres not much difference..

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    The difference is obvious .

    the OBJECT of dog fighting is for one animal to kill or maim the other .

    The OBJECT of horse racing is not to kill or maim but to cross the finish line first . I see no real comparison.

    This is just an argument promoted by the extremist group PETA , no doubt some people will buy into it but most sensible people will not.

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    Have you ever been around these horses and seen how they are treated??? If you had, you would know how stupid your question sounds. These horses are treated like kings. Before they are even considered for racing, they are checked by the vet (x-rays to check the feet, scopes to check the throat and digestive system, etc.). If they are found to be unfit for racing, they are given to homes to live a different race. I knew a horse that had weak ankles and he was given away to a new home.

    Also, the horses that are raced can get injured, but the majority of them recover. If it is too risky for them to race, they are pulled and given to new homes. From working at a thoroughbred farm for three years, I have only know one horse that needed to be put down from a racing injury (he had a injury from his shoes, which could have happened in any activity, including running in the field). Dogs that are put into the fighting ring are left to die if they lose, while horses are treated.

    Also, do you know how much it costs to take care of these horses? The price of hay has sky rocketed along with everything else. The farms that are raising these horses are sturggling with the prices, but they make sure the horses are taken care of. Have you ever heard of a dog fighting ring that keeps all their dogs healthy? No.\

    Get your facts straight and do some research.


    quote "mr logic..let me take a whip on you for almost 1mile and a quarter..."

    Have you ever ridden? The crop does not hurt the horse. It's just there to remind them of what they are supposed to be doing. Only the few cruel riders use it wrong. When you use it, you just give a tap on the horse's side. That is enough to keep it moving.

  • First, remove your head from your rear. Second, educate yourself. Go to a horse race, then go to a dog fight. You'll see for yourself that they are NOTHING alike.

    The horses are being trained to do something they love: run. They get treated like royalty. Accidents happen in racing, and there is nothing an owner hates more than having to euthanize a horse they love.

    Dog fight, on the other hand, is immoral and dispicable. Do you really think dogs love fighting to the death? Having their skin torn from their bodies? Being chained up and not having any human contact? If that's what you think, then you probably need to seek psychiatric help.

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    This is ridiculous - deliberately inflamatory and provocative. I suspect you are PETA troll. Have you ever actually been on the backside of a race track?

    First of all - horse racing is legal, whereas dog fighting is not...and for very good reasons.

    In dog fighting, the animals are trained roughly and cruelly to encourage them to be agressive - other dogs and small animals are maimed/killed in the training of these dogs. The express purpose of every dog fight is for the two competitors to maul each other until the loser is either dead or so wounded it is incapable of continuing. These dogs don't interact with humans in any kind of normal way. Their owners don't care about their dogs' welfare except as fighting machines.

    In horse racing, the aim is to keep the horses sound, healthy and happy so they run well. The purpose of a race is to cross the finish line first, and come back to the barn in good order to race another day.

    Horses are treated kindly from the moment they are born. They are socialized with humans and other horses as foals. They are trained gradually and introduced to their work over months of training. They receive the best of care - housed well, fed well, fussed over, conditioned to be at their best and then asked to do something they love doing in the first place - run.

    In the process it is true that even with the best of intentions some horses sustain injuries. Sometimes, not often, those injuries are catastrophic.

    Is racing perfect? Is there more we can do to protect these great animals?

    Yes, we need to do more to protect all equine atheletes: show horses, race horses, pleasure horses, all of them. However, unlike the dog fighters, race horse trainers care deeply about their horses' welfare.

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    It's not the same at all. In reality, horses are not being pushed to the limit. Horses get a lot of time off between races and if they are beat, then they're beat... you don't see the 20th place horse getting whipped until he crosses the line, do you? Jocks know what their horse is capable of and they don't push them if they don't have anymore energy left. Trainers are very careful with their horses... horses have their temperature taken a couple of times per day and if the horse gets a fever of even 1 degree, they don't go out for training. The horses see doctors and farriers a lot more often than you take your kids to the doctor.

    Please do some research about racing before you start making accusations and comparisons to dog fighting. And don't believe everything that PETA tells you... they have their own agenda and are not going to tell you anything good about the sport.

    Accidents happen in any sport. We in the racing industry would love to find a way to stop our heros from getting injured. If you'd like to offer suggestions, then please do. Exactly what do you find wrong with horse racing. Do you have any evidence that the horses are pushed too hard? If so, please share. But don't come here and throw out your opinion without any evidence. I guarantee that Larry Jones would give back every dollar that Eight Belles ever earned him if only he could bring her back.

    Ya know, Rackon makes a good point. When fighting dogs are found and turned over to the Humane Society, they're immediately euthanized because the history of the dog makes them unable to be adopted... dog fighting ruins the dog. I don't see racehorses being euthanized by humane societies. Most of them end up being wonderful show and pleasure horses.

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    Have you ever been to a horse race? Horse racing is nothing like dog fighting. That's like comparing apples to oranges. Dog fighting is unsanctioned, and illegal, and horse racing is a sanctioned event, there are rules that have to be followed. Horses aren't run to death in races, but dogs are forced to fight to the death. If a horse isn't good enough to run, they are put up for adoption. If a dog isn't good enough to fight it's put to death.

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    You have something missing in the logic part of your brain,

    Dogfighting is a direct competition of mauling, out fighting, or out right killing the other dog, which leaves one dog or both critically wounded or on the way to death.

    Horse racing is a racing contest to see which horse wins first, there is no violence between animals, there is a jockey on top and some whipping, but its not like they are abusing the horse, the "whip" is smaller than you think and not the same.

    Look if Eight Belles didnt die, no one, especially you would be making all this noise and drama about it.

    98% of america didnt even know who Eight Belles was until last week.

    So no, horse racing does not sound like dog fighting.

    If the horses were fighting each other, biting and kicking eachother, then it would be like dog fighting.

    So you thumbs down us because we dont agree with you, you are pretty much a pety person.

    And its PETA, and you dont seem to even know to spell it, let alone what it is.

    Your "research" is just hearing whatever you hear on the news without following the sport or the people involved. Horses die because of fractures and problems with their legs, that happens for a variety of reasons, the same accidents that hurt athletes kill horses. Once their legs are damaged, especially their ankles where all that weight sits on, then their quality of life is no longer even measurable and are better euthanized.

    Not much of "your" tax dollars went to the Vick case last year, and what did you probably end up contributing, a nickel or under a buck to it. So stop complainging about stuff you dont understand.

    Thats the kind of person you come off as; an uneducated, under-informed, band wagon jumper to the "story of the week" and will have a wrong perception of it kind of person.

    Response to posters edit

    They don't use whips for the entire race fool, they use them only for moments of encouragement to accelerate the horse, they are probably "whipped" for less than 15 seconds during the entire race.

    Since this seems to be the only race you have probably seen in over a year watch it for yourself, do you see abuse? And you will see that they do not whip for a mile and a quarter

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    Horses love to run, put them in a paddock they run, wild stallions run. They are powerful animals built to run whether it be pulling a cart or wagon or simply providing a mode of transport they run. Dog fighting......where do you came up with this crap! Do you know there are a lot of other causes other than horse racing that you could spend your time fighting for that actually need fighting for.

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    Horse Racing and Dog fighting, BIG BIG difference.

    Read the other answers to see what I mean!

    And plus most of those horses are treated like royalty, better than most of us most of the time!

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    Some horses are cost million of dollar and are treat better than human. I'm sure some of the horse are living a beter life than most of human.

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