Should I throw a baby shower for a male co-worker (his wife is not having one)?


I asked why his wife is not having one and he said that she does not have any close family in the US. The point would to celebrate his future child...just as we would do for a female co-worker

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    YES and please make sure to invite his wife, too! (If it is a surprise shower then you should think of a reason to bring her into the office and "surprise" her too!!)

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    We did at our job and it was a huge success. One of our co-workers girlfriends was pregnant and so we threw him a baby shower, he was very grateful for that. We did it kind of manly and since it was during the work day it only lasted one hour, but we still got him all the baby stuff (we had to explain some of the items to him, lol) and played a couple of really quick games, but everyone had a great time. His girlfriend couldn't come because we work at a prison and you have to certain security clearance to get behind the fence, but it was still nice.

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    I agree with Elouise. I never understood why it seems to be the sole province of women.

    If your co-worker seems excited at the idea, I say go for it! Maybe your partner can come too so your co-worker feels more comfortable.

    Having a baby is such an important time, it is nice when others want to help you and celebrate with you.

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    Actually I think that's a great idea especially since it sounds like the only reason his wife isn't having one is because she doesn't have friends where you are. In this case it would be totally appropriate to invite his wife and do a shower for both of them. He probably feels bad for his wife that she doesn't have friends to throw her one, and would probably feel more comfortable with her there anyway.

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    I think that's a really sweet and thoughtful idea. Is there any way the wife would be able to come too? But even if she can't, still go for it. You can find lots of information on a "daddy shower" online.

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    why should us mums get all the special treatment?

    You could do it and invite the mother to be along aswell.

    Wish i had thought of a baby shower for the daddy to be when i was pregnant as hubby felt left out of pregnancy coz was all about baby and me.


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    We did that for our friend and co-worker, Ed. He was real happy and thankful for all the gifts, food, etc. (As was Amy, his girlfriend). I think it would be a nice gesture. Nowadays, sometimes the men get pamper parties, where everybody just brings pampers and the guys drink and stuff. I mean, it's not the 1950's or 60's, times change, and so do trends. Traditional is still great, but you don't always have to stick to the same rules.

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    I think that sounds like a GREAT idea! I'm sure he'll really appreciate the effort. If you can, make it a surprise for him but let his wife in on the plans. Wouldn't that be great for him to walk into the room with his wife already there?

    You're very considerate. I'm sure he'll appreciate the kind gesture!

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    I never understood why baby showers are only meant for WOMEN. The MEN are going to be parents too, and some of them are just as involved with picking out layettes and items for the nursery as much as the women are.

    I'd say go for it. Invite the wife (of course!) and make it a co-ed thing.

    (My bf's mom is throwing a baby shower for the BOTH of us!)

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    My husband's co-workers threw a surprise baby shower for him, and invited me. We both thought it was very sweet, and really appreciated it. I think it was nice for him to get to be the center of attention for once during the pregnancy. :)

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