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Is it fair to keep a bengal cat indoors?

I live in a fairly large first floor flat but it's not possible to have a cat coming and going - the road outside is too busy. I've been looking at bengal cats and am really taken by them. My friend has always kept moggies and feels quite strongly that cats are outdoors creatures and shouldn't be confined to indoors. It would be my intention to take said cat out on a harness regularly and because I work from home it would get plenty of interaction and attention. I would probably eventually move house (6 months or so) to somewhere with a garden but even then I'm worried about road safety, diseases and theft.

I'd really like the opinion of people who own indoors cats and whether they honestly think the cat has the same quality of life living indoors or if I should really wait until it can roam freely before getting one?

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    I'm having this problem now.I have a 6 month old beautiful white female cat.She's not pedigree or anything,I just think she's lovely.She's trying to get out all the time,I do take her out in the garden on a lead which she enjoys, but I know she longs to get out there on her own.I'm just worried she'll either get stolen or killed.My mum lives in a flat and has a cat which has never been out and he seems perfectly content.Maybe its wrong to show them the outside like i have with mine??

    At least this way i know she's safe.

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    Keeping Bengal Cats

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    I think not. I certainly wouldn't like it. There is seldom a real need to place such restrictions on a cat. The argument about doing it for the sake of the cat is diminished somewhat when you realise how often the people who do this are also the ones who trim cats claws or even surgically remove their toes in order to protect the furniture or to save themselves from the inevitable scratch. Cats may risk injury outdoors but so do people, and it is best to live as full a life as possible. Cats are wild and predatory animals and yet are content to share a space with us and live amongst us without being caged, I think that is amazing, and is what I like about cats. They are domesticated rather than wild but we should accept what remains of their wild and independent nature because to restrict and limit their lives is unkind, over controlling. It is rejecting their reality and creating a cat that is a human fantasy animal a little like a teddy bear. Now I am going to leave the house, because I am allowed. I might get hit by a car as I cross the road but I am going out anyway, and I can't imagine what it would feel like to be trapped inside here every day for the rest of my life.

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    if you want a cat to stay indoors then there are breeds that are better to cope with the confirment than others.

    i found this for you to read:

    Bengal cats are agile and curious and need space to run and climb, preferably with access to a safe outdoor area. If you can add a water feature this will satisfy their fascination for water. Some individuals may adapt well to a harness enabling you to take them for walks around the garden on a lead. They also don't like to be left on their own for long periods of time and many Bengal cats enjoy the company of other cats or other non-prey animals - some even get on with dogs! Bengal cats are quite vocal, and have a wide vocal range, which includes chirrups and howls.

    i would imagine if you got it from a kitten then the cat wouldnt know any different but then you may find it hard to get them to go outside when you move. i would personally wait to i moved before getting a cat( if you did want it to go outside)

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    You will probably get a lot of strong opinions to this question.

    Personally I have Siamese and I allow them in the garden with me but only when I am home - never if I go out or at night. The pleasure they get is quite obvious - running around exploring, chasing insects and "boxing" daffodils. I also get a lot of pleasure from watching them.

    My elderly cats that have now passed away never wanted to go out if it was cold or wet even if they had the chance. I'm hoping my kittens will be the same, so far I've only let them out on warm sunny days when I've been gardening and they haven't pestered to go out other days.

    It really depends on your life style and how you feel. We spend a lot of time in our garden and often have the windows open when it's sunny so there is no way we could keep them in unless we locked them in a room. There is no way I could do that as they are part of the family.

    Perhaps wait and look for a house away from a busy road if you can?


    Regarding all the reasons why cats should never be allowed outside - I guess you could use the same reasons for never allowing children outside...

    All my cats have lived long lives:

    20 years - respiratory problems

    12 years - cancer

    14 years - kidney problems

    15 years - cancer

    You have to weigh up what risks you are comfortable with.

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    Bengals are a very active breed, but they can adapt to a life indoors. I have two cats, and they are both indoors. They only go outside if I am there, on my lap, or in the backyard. There are too many dangers in the world today, like cars, insects, larger animals, rabid animals, etc. I could name so much more.

    Is it fair? Yeah, it's fair, your bengal will be happy. Indoor cats usually live alot longer.

  • I have a cat that lives inside 99.9% of the time.

    AND ...

    I wish I had the quality of life that she does ... lol eats , sleeps plays .. and starts again.....she's happy ....

    We do take her out on a lead OCCASSIONALLY .. but not often. We have an avairy type cage that we're going to place her in more often just so she can bask in the sun.

    The reason we have an indoor cat is .. because Cats are not native to Australia and many of our native birds and small mammals have been killed by roaming cats. EVEN those with bells WILL still catch prey. Responsible cat owners here either keep their cats inside or abide by curfews and keep their cats inside over night.

    While your friend might feel quite strongly ... she isn't correct. OF course you have to make your cat comfortable and provide for her needs.

    If you have any doubts .. ask a Vet or an actual breeder. Sometimes owners DON'T always know best.


    JUST as a matter of interest .. .are all those who insist that cats should be allowed to roam and be free ... aware that cats can become infected with a form of Feline AIDS ?

    Another comment .. re instinctual behaviour .. Animals have instincts that help them meet their needs .. the need for food.. the need for shelter .. the need for safety ..IF you provide your cat with all it needs ... ( and that includes play) .. there is no need for it to be placed outside in an attempt to allow it to follow it's instincts...

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    I live in oxford, uk, on a slow but busy bus route. My neutered male bengal comes and goes as he pleases, he greets people waiting for the bus, blaggs meal off several neighbour. Hunts rats, mice, squirels and birds. He is 8 and has a very enjoyable life, I imagine he would go nuts pretty quickly if we kept him in.

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    Jenny is so right.

    I used to let my cats come and go freely but, on the insistent advice of my vet and local cat shelter, I now keep them inside at all times except for short times when I can supervise them in the garden. There are too many dangers (fighting cats, cars, etc etc) - I want them to have happy long lives and I can't afford massive vet bills.

    At first they were unimpressed by their containment. But they got used to it. They're fat and happy. They have lots of toys, tunnels, cat condos and window perches around the house and I give them lots of attention. I let them have a run around outside at dawn - then they come inside for breakfast (naturally!). Same deal before dinner.

    Anyone who spouts off the theory of cats being outdoor creatures is being closed minded. Cats are very adaptable. And, let's face it, they love nothing more than a regular feed, a few crazy toys, a cuddle and an 18 hour nap on your sofa.

    It would be good if you can raise your cat inside. Later on, if you do live somewhere with a garden, he/she will be more inclined to stay close to home and inside anyhow.

    Good luck with keeping your cat off your computer keyboard and papers if you work from home! They do love to keep you company... hehehehe

    Bengal cats are soooo beautiful :) Active too. Keep lots of toys and empty cardboard boxes in your office!!!

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    It's not fair to keep a cat of any breed cooped up indoors. They need to go outside on their own and fullfill their instincts; their quality of life won't be anywhere near as good if they can't.

    I know how you feel, though. I want a dog so badly, but there's no one in the house to look after it during the day. It's unfair to keep it cooped up in the kitchen, so I can't get one. Kind of the same thing, I think.

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