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Least hated player on most hated team, least favorite player on favorite team in NHL?

Right now I have a couple least favorite teams, they are everyone in the Atlantic except for the Rangers.

From Philly, probably Braydon Coburn, I've liked him since he came into the league

From Pittsburgh, I think I'm going to have to go with Jordan Staal.

From the Islanders, Chris Campoli, I think he is still there.

From the Devils, Brian Gionta

least favorite player on the Rangers: Ryan Hollweg

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    YAY! At least you don't mind Gionta. He's my favorite player :-D

    I hate the Rangers the most, and I hate Prucha the least.

    I also don't like the Leafs, but I like Sundin.

    And the Flyers, but I like Biron.

    I hate Sheldon Brookbank on the Devils. Worst player ever.

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    Most Favorite Team: Chicago Blackhawks Most Favorite Player: Patrick Sharp Least Favorite Team: Detroit Red Wings Least Favorite Player: Matt Cooke

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    This is a GOOOOD question

    Favorite player on my least favorite team would have to be Marian Hossa

    Least Favorite player on my favorite team (flyers): Last year I would have said Pitkanen but we got rid of him (thank god) but this year I would have to say Steve Downie- Hes taking some dumb *** penalties in the playoffs and he really made the team look bad with that hit in the preseason.

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    From Philly: Gagne because he is not a goon and that's hard to say on a team of goons

    From Rangers: Lundqvist he seems to be the only nonjerk there

    Islanders I guess Tim Jackman doesn't do much

    Devils: Brodeur

    Least favorite Sabourin

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    Most favorite player on my least favorite team would be -

    Schneider Anaheim Ducks, the rest I probably wouldnt pee on if they were on kidding I would totally pee on them...

    Favorite Team Red Wings - Least favorite is Hasek. I think he is a legend and should leave it at that and retire. Also, I was getting irritated with Chelios before the play offs. Man...I guess I hate old people...that's mean.

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    Least hated player:

    Ducks-Teemu Selanne

    Least Favorite player:

    Sharks- Mike Grier

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    since you did the atlantic divison, i will coose my 2nd favorite team, the devils

    least favorite on the devils- andy greene

    favorites on

    flyers- briere

    penguin gonchar

    rangers- straka

    ilses- richard park

    my least favorite on my favorite-flames- ive never developed a liking for tanguay

    my favorites on

    vancouver- ohlund

    wild- roloston

    avs- how can u hate joe sakic

    edmonton- if i have to like someone on this team, i guess souray

  • Least hated player on most hated team...(Philly) I pick Umberger (casue he's from Plum)

    Least favorite player on favorite team (Pens) Sabu...he's a waste of the payroll.

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    Least hated play on most hated team :

    -Danny Briere. I hate the Flyers, but he is one heck of a player.

    -Jagr.....Dislike the Rags, but Jags has been one of my favorites for forever.

    Least favorite player on Favorite team - (Pittsburgh)....uhm...Dany Sabourin the trash can is pretty bad. So is Daryl Sydor, and Ryan Whitney

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    The Philadelphia Flyers - Daniel Briere, Martin Biron

    Least favorite player on my favorite team would have to be Sydor.

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