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Las Vegas NHL team? anyone else read about that rumor ?

If so what name would you give the team

I like the "Las Vegas Mirage " it sounds good to me


Las Vegas Mirage

i really like the sound of that !

im kinda proud of myself LOL

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    Las Vegas Gamblers.

    Las Vegas Aces.

    Las Vegas Blackjacks.

  • 4 years ago

    I realize this is long, but I hope some of your take the time to read it. I have lived in Las Vegas since 1993, moved from Queens NY. First, prostitution is not legal in Clark County, where LV is located. Yes, there are illegal ones, just like every other city. Next, yes, we have gangs, but no different than NY, Chicago, Boston, Philly, LA, Detroit, etc.Those cities have hockey teams, BTW. Those 400-500 arrests from the NBA all-star weekend were those who came in from out-of- town, specifically to cause trouble. The NBA didn't provide any tickets for locals here to purchase, not that I would have anyway. True hockey fans are smarter than that. The Arena Football team sucked with an out-of-state owner who didn't give a crap. and the team is moving to Cleveland next season.(What an improvement!) As far as an NHL team, I don't think it will happen. We already have an ECHL team, the Wranglers (an affiliate of the Calgary Flames and Quad City Flames of the AHL). It does well, on the ice and financially. It even cares about the kids, by scheduling a 9:30 am game called"School Field Trip Day" and giving away backpacks to the students.The fan base is locals(as opposed to tourists, or F..stupid visitors), so most of the teams income would NOT be from tourists. I rarely venture near the Strip, unless an friend comes in for a visit or to see the Wranglers at The Orleans Arena, which can hold about 7,700 hockey fans. It is a separate world for locals and tourists. The casinos wouldn't mind losing the hockey betting, as they don't derive much from it. Many people who have moved here come from CA, and have brought their hockey interest with them.The annual pre-season game between the Kings and the Rockies is always a sell-out. Part of the problem is the transient nature of the population. 4-5 thousand move here every month, but 2-3 thousand leave, especially since the housing market slump has hit here harder than most. Our hispanic population is growing (not a knock) and most, not all, don't bring much hockey knowledge. Las Vegas is actually part of the Kings territory(not sure about Anaheim), so I guess any team that comes here would have to pay a "territorial rights fee" to the Kings, similiar to what the Islanders had to pay the Rangers back in 1972 (it was 4 million back then).

  • MattH
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    1 decade ago

    I have heard some rumours.. .dont' know if there's any substance to them.

    I think they'd be called the Las Vegas Posse.

    When the CFL had a team there that's what they were called... so the second Canadian sport to come in may also have that named adopted...

    But I like the 'Mirage' much better.

  • Las Vegas Tourists... as in the only people who will see the games. Probably get free tickets from listening to a timeshare sales pitch.

    The team is not being aimed nor will it be marketed at the people who live here, just so you know. Why do you think an arena is being built behind the Strip, when there are better sites available with easier access points for locals?

    Tuna..... I got my broom ready,lol.

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  • Jacob
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    1 decade ago

    Yes, I have heard this rumour. It'd be interesting to see a team in Las Vegas. But who would go to the games down there?

    Now as for a name...

    Every year in the EA NHL games in the "create a team" option, I have ALWAYS created the "Las Vegas Gamblers". =D (Ever since I got NHL 2002). And when they score, the horn is the sound of a winning slot machine, and the sound of money(coins).

    Heh heh...and yeah...if a team is made for Las Vegas, it would be interesting to see.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    Please dont bring up Las Vegas and hockey right now, I am a little upset at the prospect that their ECHL team might sweep the Aces tonight.

    Thank You

  • 1 decade ago

    I have heard the following cities mentioned in NHL rumors:

    Las Vegas




    San Diego


    Salt Lake City



    New Orleans








    Quebec City

    ... and I may have started some of those rumors.

  • 1 decade ago

    Mirage is good, but I like Outlaws, Mustangs, and Wranglers.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i heard that too!!!

    las vegas Jokers...

    Las Vegas cowboys...

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