In 2008, what are the big challenges that face the new London Mayor?

Today, Londoners elect the person who will represent their city for the next four years.

The repercussions of local laws on peoples' day-to-day lives are often understated, routinely affecting us as much as central governments' decisions.

The newly elected Mayor will certainly have to deal with important matters to keep developing and improving the city before ending his term with the London Olympic Games in 2012.

So what do you think are the big challenges facing the new London Mayor?

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    Keeping down the cost of the London Olympics is paramount. It has already doubled since it was announced that we would be hosting the games, and is set to rise further, to £20 billion, if rumours are correct. That is the single greatest challenge facing the incoming Mayor.

    Further, I would say that crime is also spiralling out of control in the capital and must be checked. Black-on-black gun crime is an all too familiar story in London, and something must be done to get the guns off the street. I'd like to see more Police officers freed up from red-tape and form filling, and out on the beat. And I'm not talking about plastic cops, aka PCSOs. I mean real Police officers who are able to perform the full range of duties.

    Congestion charging should be scrapped. It has raised just under £1 billion and, despite claims that this money would used to improve transport, only £15 million has been raised when you take out the admin and set-up costs, so that's £985 million that has gone straight to Capita. TfL recently admitted that congestion has not eased since the CC scheme was introduced, so what exactly is the point of it apart from allowing a private company to raise huge amounts of money at the expense of the taxpayer?

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    If the millions of rats in the cage called London who fear that sex, money or murder are what all strangers want, managed to vote for an idiot that even there own party members are embarrassed about, then they will get what they deserve. How London will face up to the Olympics I do not know.

    London has enjoyed better public transport in recent times and an attitude of international advancement, the sort of thing that got it the Olympics which certainly would not have happened if it had just been the money grabbing centre of neurosis that is its underbelly.

    I do not expect that idiot will win because of the transferable second vote; some people in London are sensible, in spite of the place.

    In that case, it will have to watch out for National politicians trying to harness it and make it into the cut throat capital of the world.

    Not a place to be un til 2013.

  • jory
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    Ken is a fool to have forgotten that London, is a city with a large indigenous population.

    You can't lie, barefacedly to Londoners, and then think that they will vote for you because there is no-one better.

    Londoners are a cynical, knowledgeable, stubborn lot, they have to be, they live in London......and not many move that far away, mainly to the leafier suburbs, but not that far away.

    They are willing to do whats best for the majority, even if it costs them, but they will not be brazenly taken as fools, (or in London speak, taken the p'ss out of).

    Ken, took the mickey...more than once, now I suspect Boris will do the same, but he should know this........take the mickey son, and we'll have you too !

    We want you to sort out the legalised robbery of the London motorist. Get rid of the idiocy of buses too long to travel safely on our roads. Get a plan for who should be allowed to dig up our roads, and when. Jobs for Londoners please.

    And finally, with the biggest and probably the last major capital project granted to London, and unlike T5, the Emirates and Wembley, could you please ensure that the London Olympics benefits Londoners and not enriches some faceless body politic, (Thames Gateway, London Development, et al).

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    One of the biggest challenges of the new London Mayor is to complete the ongoing challenges that the old London Mayor was unable to complete, or even attempt. Transport and housing leave a lot to be desired for a world class City

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    i am glad that ken didn't - ken has a way of appearing to say one thing when actually doing another at the same time with hardly anyone noticing

    also it is the electorate sending a msg to the labour party - IE we don't like the policies you introduced at the expense of the policies you you PROMISED you would introduce

    and didn't ALL the parties promise a referendum on the EU? why has labour sold us short even on THAT yet again?

    multi religion in RE in schools - just to really confuse kids

    rising inflation, more and more red tape, increased surveillance wherever you turn (yet policemen just let the crims out before their term is up in prison), i think we are going backwards not forward

    anyone who doesn't want to end up living in a police state where you can be jumped all over and no one dares lift a finger to help you put your hand up

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    Obviously this is a question for Londoners. Will you be interested in gaining info on newly elected mayors for, say, Norwich, Newcastle and even Coventry in years to come. We're told the London election will tell the UK as a whole what they think of the Labour party...but if you're living on benefits in Rotherham, or elsewhere...they could have told you what they thought of Labour many years ago.

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    Given that Boris is now mayor, I think the main challenge will be to avoid making too many gaffes and trying to come across as someone who can be taken seriously, instead of a joker on HIGNFY.

    I think his success will be judged by how many countries he avoids insulting prior to the London 2012 Olympics, rather than ill-thought through ideas like replacing bendy-buses (admittedly a bad idea themselves) with modern-day route-master replacements complete with conductors (one word- Oyster card).

    I wonder if he'll still appear on HIGNFY. He was always entertaining so I hope he agrees to make a fool of himself on it (in addition to making a fool of himself as mayor of London).

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    I would think that if Boris Johnson gets in his first task will to be to sort out the mess Livingstone has made. The congestion charges fiasco and Olympic Games soaring budgets and costs spring to mind. Why should Londoners foot the bill for this out of control monster?

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    London 2012 Olympics

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    Boris has the job, the challenges are many, his first is to find a way of erasing peoples memories, he promised affordable housing, if that isn't a challenge in London I don't know what is.

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