Tick inside urethra..?

Yesterday, I found a small (2mm) tick burrowed deep into the flesh of the wall of my urethra, about 2-3mm down the urethra from the tip of my penis. I dug the thing out, and today it's itching horribly and a little swollen.

This year the ticks have been awful. I had one on my inner thigh a month ago, and it's still red and itchy. I'm worried that the itching in my penis and down my urethra is going to continue for that period of time. Will hydrocortizone cream help? Should I use a syringe (sans needle, of course) to squirt some lidocaine down into the urethra a little bit? Most of all, I do not want to take half a day off work and waste 20-40 dollars for a doctor to perform 15 needless tests which will all come out negative, then give me a prescription for something that I can get over the counter. I know to go to the doctor if I develop signs of an infection. I just want to know what I can do to keep the itching and swelling down for now.

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    My advice would be to leave the insides of things be. You are itching because the ticks head is still embedded in the tissue and your body is currently attacking it. As it should, really. Your best bet for the skin is Benadryl gel, and for the inside of you, try plain old Bendadryl tablets. As far as the swelling, that's a reaction to the bite and the remaining mouthparts- as well as the damage done when you operated to remove the body. You have to be careful removing ticks, as the head will pop off and get left behind. The easiest way is to do something that convinces the tick to pull his head and mouthparts out on his own. Depending on where he's bitten you- you can do that with the hot, extinguished end of a match, or a heated pin applied to the appropriate end of the tick. In the case of this latest bite, although you don't want to spend the bucks at the doctor's office- it would have been a wise investment. Doctors do have the appropriate tools to remove foreign critters from places like that, and can spare you a lot of misery afterwards. For now, you can only manage the worst of the symptoms- and wait for your own body to deal with the rest. Benadryl is a nice antihistamine, so it will help with the itch. A bit of vitamin e gel, squeezed out of a cheapie gelcap will help with the leg. Hydrocortisone cream will not- it's more for rash itchies than bite itchies. And no, the lidocaine is not a good idea. It's rough on mucus membranes,and will give you a new definition of fire. Don't meddle sticking things in places they don't belong, you don't want an injury there- believe me. Embarassment issue aside, the damage can be difficult to fix easily. I can't say how long the itch will last, but the immune system is pretty good at attacking things in spots like that as a rule.

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    Go to the doctor - itching and red is a sign of inflammation and infection.

    Are you sure you mean the urethra? The urethra is the tube (inside the penis) that semen and urine comes out of. Just checking - if it was inside the urethra, then you cannot be sure that something was left in (head, any part of the body).

    The risk is that you get a penile infection which is NOT good.

    You might know the signs of infection but if the infection develops inside your body it might be a while before you see any external signs.

    And I wouldn't use ANYTHING like lidocaine on an open wound - causes cellular damage.

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    not a probability ur urethra is tiny!! it in basic terms wouldnt artwork. look interior the reflect and attempt to discover ur urethra.. then imagine might want to a guy also be able to positioned his pinky interior the element? no.

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    Are you sure you got the head as well cos they like to break the body away and the head keeps burrowing into you? For now try calamine lotion/cream, when you can get to chemist try 'ansene-l antiseptic soothing lotion'- good for anything from mossies to chicken pox!

    be warned humans can get diseases from ticks although it is very rare.

    hope this helps

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    a tick....as in the insect 0.o?

    well dont put hydrocortizone on any raw or sensitve flesh as it will cause an irratation, but yes i reccomend you go to your doctor, you never know what they might say.

    just leave it all for the time being...

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