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Who will become our next President, John McCain, Barack Hussein Obama, or Ron Paul?

My choice for the Presidency is John McCain. I agree with his policies and he demonstrates courage, intelligence and integrity that will serve our nation well with our allies and foreign leaders worldwide. He has gained the respect of his collegues and his supporters and the people of our country. He is a war hero and his experience in the military cannot be compared by any other!!!

So who is your choice for our next President, and why. Please refrain from the rhetoric racists comments and answers, although, that will be impossible for you Barack Hussein Obama supporters. I am not asking any Hillary Clintons supporters this question, just those three above.

I thank you kindly for your respectful answers! Peace!

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    McCain because I believe he is the best candidate

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    I can't see how you expect respectful answers here, being that you just called me a racist for supporting Senator Obama. To answer your question, I think that Obama still has a good chance of beating McCain if 1. The Democrats can stop whaling on each other and settle on a candidate as soon as the primaries end, and 2. They can successfully paint McCain as an insincere "maverick" who is all too willing to continue the short-sighted and destructive economic and foreign policies of the Bush administration. If they can't do both these things, and fairly soon, it looks good for McCain. Do keep in mind, however, that should Iraq land the economy look no better in five or six months, McCain's job becomes that much tougher.

    Ron Paul has no chance. If he chooses to remain on the national ballot, especially as the Libertarian candidate, he hurts McCain.

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    Well, it certainly won't be John Hussain McCain, not if the American people have any say about it (according to the latest polls). This guy is running with no competition right now, and is still losing.

    It could be Clinton or Obama, either would make a fairly decent president, certainly better than anyone the Republicans could dig up. Obama's biggest problem is the large number of racists out there with the anti-Muslim smears and claims that Obama is a Muslim. Some of them even go as far as emphasising Obama's middle name in a thinly veiled Republican attempt to continue the lie that Obama is a Muslim. Oh, and I see that those "people" are McCain supporters.

    I'm not surprised that behind every good smear lies a Republican.

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    McCain will be the next president that's for sure. Hillary and Obama have screwed themselves out of the election and Ron Paul isn't even worth figuring in. He's never had over a 4% rating and the only person I know that's for him is a blooming idiot.

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    I'm choosing Ron Paul.

    He has a comprehensive understanding of the greatest issues we face today; the economy, the war, and our failed foreign policies.

    I'd ask you to more thouroughly research Senator McCain's record while in the Senate. Have a look at the bills he's sponsored and the way he's voted. And most recently, the manner in which he broke the campaign finance law which bears his name. I don't think the terms 'conservative' or 'integrity' apply to him or his actions, and I base this on the facts of his actions.

    Don't be snowballed by the media. Read up on all the candidates...specifically at the websites of Congress and the Senate.

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    well, it wont be for someone just because they are black or just because they are a woman...that is for sure.

    aide from global policies we really need a friggin economist to fix the state of our economy. i am far less interested in what is going on across the pond right now, than what is going on in our country. for those fat cats who cant feel the squeeze yet...dont worry its coming! christ i just paid 2 x's the amount of $ i did this time last year for a bag of dirt!! i would have voted for huckabee ...but i guess that is no longer an option. having this discussion with many co-workers it is frightening to see the logic behind the average americans voting intentions. i am cringing just thinking about it!

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    I like how you say that Barack Obama supporters should refrain from being racist when you use your own bigoted attack against him by using his middle name unnecessarily. Good job.

    And why did you even list Ron Paul on this list, like he has a chance? If you are going to put no-chance losers here, you should have included Ralph Nader too.

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    The democratic mudslinging and lies are going to be their undoing. Tragically, I don't think America is ready for a black or woman president. Sad, but true, in my mind either candidate is unelectable. Not just me, its the American public.

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    Oh it will be McCain....for sure, because every time they open their mouth is 1 more vote for him.. YIPEEE

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    None of the above.

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    If the DNC puts up Obama it will be McCain.

    If they put up Hillary be close.

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