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Are we progressing or regressing.. as the years pass by, one needs to work harder and harder to earn a living?

Over the years, both husband and wife have to go for work and both need to put in more hours than ever before to earn a decent living. In fact, one needs to put in many more years of education and training these days just to get qualified to get a decent job. If we are progressing, is it not expected that we should need to work less and have more time to relax...... it seems as though we are getting poorer by the day notwithstanding all the claims of technological development and advancement.

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    We are progressing in terms of technology but not in the manner of earning a living. Technological advances cannot be stopped because of great development and breakthroughs we have. Indeed we have an inverted pyramid wherein the top are mostly opccupied by the poor and at the bottom are a few wealthy people. The trend is much followed because the rich becomes richer and the poor becomes poorer. Great competition in terms of educational attainment if you want to land on a good job. Unlike before only a few had been educated and it is easier to find a job. Nowadays, there are a lot of graduates who ended with no jobs because mostly are graduates for a white collar job. Another reason is their course is not tailored to the vacant jobs available. Some do not have the proper trainings where employer requires as one of the qualifications. Population explosion are also the reason why finding a job is difficult. There are less job for many graduates. Many graduates wanted a good job but they don't pass the qualifying exam as a new entrant. Poor education may also be the reason why some could not successfully pass board or bar examinations for that matter. There is not much job for people seeking for a job. The land area of the earth doesn't increase much as the population census increases. There is not much good ratio to feed the people. That's life is really hard nowadays. The Philippines in particular is in rice crisis. This is due to the fact that the world producing rice is also short of their targets brought about by natural calamities and man-made problems.

    My concern is the future generations. How could they cope with all the prices rising up?

    Thanks for asking. Have a great day!

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    It's interesting to note that during the last few decades there's been nothing but growth in the average income per person in the country... even in dollars adjusted for inflation. The nation as a whole is doing quite well. But more and more people are experiencing a kind of erosion as you mention.

    One possible explanation can be illustrated with the 'Gini Index' (link 1). This economic tool is a way of measuring the disparity between the rich and the poor. If all the wealth in a society were distributed equally, the index would be 0. If one person owns everything and everyone else owns nothing, the index would be 100. Needless to say, most states fall somewhere in between.

    According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the Gini Index in 1967 was 40. This is a more unqual distribution than any current European nation except Portugal (link 2). Since then, it has climbed to 47. About the same as China.

    This means that even though the economy is growing, less and less people are getting a share in it. Those who experience the most benefits are those who own the most stock. And pretty much only the wealthiest people have enough disposable income for that. This is particularly observable in a chart in link 3. In the last twenty years, if you fell about in the middle of earned income, you've had no appreciable growth at all. If you were in the richest 5%, your income has probably increased 23 times... and in you were in the richest 0.01%, it's probably gone up by a factor of 300!

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    Even though we have developed to a greatest level in science & technology our development when considered the sosciety as a whole it is not good only. It is mainly because of lack of our consciouse development we have increased our basic needs & requirements in the wrong direction / imaginary expectation. Also the commercialism ruling the roost in every spear. The rulers are under the control of the few rich peoples hence their intrests are prime and the general publics' intrests are secondry only. So rich peoples are becoming richer and the poorer are becoming poorer only.

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    Its a tightrope walk. A thin line separates the haves and the have nots. It is nearly impossible to live a good live with the balance of fun and work without someone to partner with, whether it be with a family member, spouse or a good friend. Sure there are many more opportunities but it is harder to prosper, with most people barely treading water. Please excuse my mixed metaphors.

    I know so many people would be happy just to have 1 day a week to shutdown and really relax. There is always so much to do that the weak don't stand a chance of making it alone.

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    I don't think that progression or regression can be determined based on the amount of time one spends ensuring survival. I believe that the meanings of progress and regress have been somewhat skewed by an increasingly lazy society. In reality we have progressed faster that expected. This progress is however, occurring in a technological era. This reality has forced human beings to rely on intellectual progress which in turn, forces us to place such an incredible emphasis on education and training. Without the ability to utilize and improve the great technological advancements which we have made we, as a society, would regress into a pre-technological era. This would cause chaos because of the reality that we have become accustomed to the ease of having machines do most of our work for us. We are continuously progressing through working to ensure that our way of life is not challenged. One of the main goals of all species is survival. As long as we ensure our survival we are not regressing.

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    You are 100% correct, in a way (assuming you're question was rhetorical, and you implied that you yourself believe we are regressing) But in a way, you're overlooking a different view of the situation.

    National debt is growing drastically. Jobs are being shipped overseas (which is a huge reason for the increased debt...both in the present, and will cause the debt to continue to future generations as well). The value of the dollar continues falling (Being a stone's throw away from Detroit, I remember a time not too long ago in which many people I know actually went across the border to Canada for the weekend to have some good times, because their money went much it's almost completely opposite..approaching a 50% exchange rate, rather than 200%).

    Gasoline prices are growing at very high rates, which leads to many other neccessity and conveniance goods' prices raising as well (although, not the sole reason).

    While medical treatment costs skyrocket higher and higher, due to new technological advances, we have become addicted to these advances and seem to not be able to get by without them. Health care costs are through the roof - yet it seems absurd for us to think about not having health insurance.

    But think about all the other things in our lives nowadays which are "givens", which we cannot imagine living without. Cable TV (although I'm proud to say does not apply to me), air conditioning, refridgerators, internet, cell phones, for many - their daily $3 coffee from starbucks or other ridiculously high-priced places.....I'm sure you can think of a handful of other examples as well. Guess what - 100 years ago, none of these existed! So while their benefits are nice, their pricetags cannot be ignored.

    But quite possibly the biggest reason for our costs of living to be growing in disproportion to our average income is our standard of living (for those working, AND those retired). As a society in general, we've lived in such a worry-free overall booming economy over the last few decades (with a few notable bumps along the way) that we've upped the standards for ourselves. And the baby-boomer population has lead to vast amounts of ill-planned legislative initiatives which aim to entitle this generation (Since they're now the largest voting population, and who better to please than the people who will be voting you back into office - despite the economic impractability and hardships it will bring to the overall well-being of the rest of the nation) to all the benefits they've been accustomed to during the great times in our economy. So while the rest of us are realizing a growing reality of a declining economy...we're all still paying for the impractical social-security and health care plans for the older generations (and as I said before...the standards have been upped dramatically -especially for those older generations who are living longer and using exponentially more of our medical treatments, whose prices have also grown ridiculously...some due to lawsuits, much just due to increased standards and technology and research).

    I'm not saying that it's neccessarily a bad idea for us to have such a system in place...but I think we do need to recognize the fact that some of the biggest reasons for our inabilities to retain a decent standard of living has been done by our own planning.

    Yes, our economy is approaching a recesion (for those in Michigan, near Detroit especially, many would even say - "Wake up, where have you been for the last 4 years or so!?!!")... but we do have to realize that our lives have benefited drastically from technology that has now been incorporated into our everyday lives, which has also increased the costs of living.

    *Important to note - although I can't remember where I've read this, and the figure may be a little off, I assure you it's generally true...hopefully you research it more, and can find the actual figure and maybe some reasons why it's true............'The difference between the average salary of a company's CEO and the average salary for a front-line worker has grown by 3,000% over the last 50 years'....or something like that.

    (Like I said, I'm sure thats not the exact statistic...but it's something like that). Basically, the rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer. The middle class is becoming extinct. I think greed has much to do with this situation. But who's to say the creator of a successful business isn't entitled to reap the benefits of what they themselves created....I guess it's a judgement call, rather than a simple black-and-white answer.....But it is something to think about...

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    No kidding!!

    I've noticed that too.

    Its getting hard out there!

    I find it interesting how many businesses wish to have more and more work out of their employees for the same pay. The expectations are rising, but the benefits and workplace conditions aren't improving. And why isn't it enough anymore to make a profit? We've got to have growth too.


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    "claims of technological development and advancement"? That is not the problem itself. The desire for that is the problem. Look at how our parents and grandparents lived. Did they "consume" as much stuff as we do? Their lives were much simpler, and ours can be too. It is a choice to have more stuff than our parents did. It is a choice to call those things "a decent living", instead of rampant consumerism. It is a choice for both the parents to work. If you truly look at how they lived such as; reading books instead of watching tv and movies, cooking in instead of eating out, playing games instead of traveling. Then you will see how inexpensive your life would be with the same choice.

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    Decent job or indecent job both are equally important.Before men work hard by muscle power and now by mental power.The problem is that we are never satisfied.

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