Jehovah's Witnesses: What is the "new" understanding concerning the 1914 generation?


jkrmn: What you say is true and in a sense logical. Basically, "What defines a generation".

All this was known before the Jehovah's Witnesses, allegedly under God's inspiration and direction pritned this:

Watchtower, 7/1/69 pg395:

“People who were only just old enough to understand what was happening to the world in 1914 are now approaching seventy years of age. Yes, the numbers of that generation are dwindling fast, but before they all pass away this system must meet its end in the war of Armageddon.”

I always was taught this, as one of Jehovah's Witnesses. Now it's all changed and the "definition" of "generation" is not tossed about.

Would not God reveal his definition of a "generation"m before allowing his "mouthpiece" to commit to the above?

I'm reminded of Bill Clinton: "I depends

on what the definition of "is", is.

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    They had a generation wrong the first time and I would love to see what has change this time if there is something to change, the 1914 prophecy failed and that generation failed so there is nothing new, it failed.

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    Good question! Have a star!

    They say that their light keeps getting brighter & brighter but I think it continues blinking on & off, off & on, on & off.........

    JW's - quit playing with the light & follow God's Word & pray for wisdom & understanding.

    I LOVE ALL OF YOU guys but I'm sorry to say that when Proverbs 4:18 says "But the path of the righteous ones is like the bright light getting lighter & lighter until the day is firmly established." In context this is not justification for doctrinal changes, but rather a contrast with the path of the wicked. (read from verse 14 to 19) " The way of the wicked is as darkness they know not what they stumble"( v 19)

    It sounds as though the Watchtower is always coming up with 'new light' to explain prophetic failures (such as the 1914 generation thingy) but it's obviously trickery of MEN who cleverly lie & then try to make it sound like the truth.

    It should be an obvious requirement that any light from God must be true cause God never changes! - only MAN's word & religion.

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    The latest I understand is that the term generation will be expaneded to 120 years

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    1 decade ago

    Do I really have to explain this....?

    I'll try but it won't be any official understanding that comes from the Jehovah's Witnesses and it won't be a definite number of years. There will be variables attached to my answer.

    hmmmm... this is tough

    A generation includes persons who differ in age by as much as 40 years. Why do I say that? Because a woman normally bears children between age 20 to age 40 which is a difference of 20 years. This means at any given time someone who is 20 years older or younger than you could be of your generation. Thus someone born in 1934 could be said to be of the same generation as someone born in 1914 or someone born as late as 1954. It may be more reasonable however to say that the generation born in 1914 would included persons born from 1894 to 1934 rather than up to 1954. Thus someone born in 1934 would be 74 years old now... Then again if you look at it from the standpoint of the generation just beginning to be born in 1914; the youngest person now alive of that generation would only be 54 years old. That's one way to look at it. I'm sure there are others.

    Okay Here's another way of looking at it... and this might blow your mind but it will show you what I meant when I said there would be variables attached to my explanation and it is pure conjecture - nothing from any official source for Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Here we go.....

    Let's say that women bear children from age 20 to age 40. Using this formula and assuming that as many as 5 generations could be alive at the same time. (My parents are 82. They could live to be 100 by which time they could have great great grandchildren because their oldest great grandchild is now 11.)

    Okay so using this formula a woman born in 1834 who has her first child at age 20 and that child has their first at age 20 and so forth, the soonest her first great great grandchild could be born is 1914.

    Are you following me? Maybe this will help:

    Mabel is born in 1834 = 1st generation.

    Mabel's first child is born in 1854 (20 years later) = 2nd generation

    Mabel's first grandchild is born in 1874 (another 20 years later) = 3rd generation

    Mabel's first great grandchild is born in 1894 (20 more years later) = 4th generation

    Mabel's first great great grandchild is born in 1914 (another 20 years later) =5th generation.

    Mabel is now 80 years old

    Now let's say that Mable has her last child when she is 40 years old and her oldest child, oldest grandchild, oldest great grandchild all do the same. They all have children at age 20 and age 40.

    The last one born in each generation would be as follows:

    Mabel is born in 1934 = 1st generation

    Mabel has her last child at age 40 in 1874 = 2nd generation

    That child has Mable's last grandchild when she is 40 in 1914 = 3rd generation

    That grandchild has Mabel's last great grandchild in 1954 = 4th generation [Mabel is probably dead]

    That great grandchild has Mabel's last great great grandchild in 1994 = 5th generation

    Now to sum this up

    Mabel is the first generation

    The 2nd generation is her children born between 1854 and 1874

    The 3rd generation is her grand children born between 1874 and 1914

    The 4th generation is her great grand children born between 1894 and 1954

    The 5th generation is her great great grandchildren born between 1914 and 1994

    Hey, I can't believe it either but it seems that someone actually born in 1914 could be [notice I said "could be" not "would be"] of the same generation as someone born 80 years later in 1994.

    So regardless of what the Bible is getting at when it refers to a generation, this formula doesn't do much to help anyone figure out when the end will come. The Bible does however, tell us to be in expectation of it. And so Jehovah's Witnesses live in expectation of it, not knowing the day or the hour.

    Bear in mind that any official explanation provided to Jehovah's people will be for the purpose of helping them not to lose faith and to keep that day close in mind and not to be thinking of it as far off. Better to be expecting it and be prepared for it even if it doesn't come than to not be expecting it and not be prepared. On the other hand, the above reasoning should give all reason not to lose faith if it doesn't come when expected. There is always a viable explanation. God's ways and wisdom is always higher than ours, no matter what religion we are.

    As to the 120 years mentioned by Dan J this could come from the formula used in the beginning of my answer. Someone born in 1914 and someone born 40 years later could be of the same generation. The Bible says man's lifespan would be 4 score or 80 years. see Psalm 90:10

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    They are not quite sure as of yet. but the new Brick..I mean light will hit them soon. they are in a holding pattern, or stunned one of the two.

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