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What dya think of the name Alfie?

He is going to be called Alfie George -george being my first babys middle name who was still born :-( he is also having my last name (james) as a second middle name


for the person who thinks it would be a bad omen to call my second baby after my first who passed away....i think it will be a nice way to remember him and i'll be naming him after his big brother....does anyone else think it would be a bad omen???

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    It doesnt remind me of a bad oman, i think it would be realy nice to name your baby after the first being still born.

    Alfie is realy cute, i like it. =)


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    I like the name Alfie but there is a chance he will grow out of it as an adult. Though he could always use Al as a nickname. But when it comes to form filling and job applications theres no getting away from it even at 30/40/50/60. I like the name Luey but dont think i could use it as i would have the same problem.

    As for using his big brothers name... Personally i wouldnt. I would let the new baby grow and develop without having that shadow hanging over him. By giving him his own individual name it leaves the door open to talk about his big brother and let him know he existed by discussing it. I dont know why but it feels different to naming him after a older relative. Maybe its something to do with that person already having led a full life. Not having to achieve twice as much to make up for your loss. This might sound harsh but i cant quite explain it.

    I LOVE the idea of him having your last name as a middle. James is my favourite middle name ever. So the fact it also has meaning for you too is great.

    Perhaps Alfie James George could be considered or just Alfie James... AJ If James was the first middle or just middle he could always use that as an adult if he no longer wanted to go by alfie. But i doubt he would want to use George in this way.

    I'm really sorry about George. No one deserves that. I wish you happiness and good luck for the future.


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    I really like the name Alfie George and i think it is nice way to remember your still born baby.

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    Alfie is short for Alfred.

    Alfie was that womanizer in New York, two movies made about him.

    Dont name your baby after a stillborn baby. Its not a good omen and the kid wont like it either. 2 middle names? Wow you must like naming kids! What is he Portuguese?

    Stick to 1 name, or maybe 1 name and 1 middle name.

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    It is a wonderful name.

    My daughter has the middle name of my cousin that died as a child.

    I love the name and the in memory of George.

    I would just suggest that you don't spend his life time talking about it or he will feel that he never could fill George's shoes. Or he isn't good enough for his own name.

    I believe if you choose the name you find a balance where he is his own person and also,

    And also he feels a loving bond with his departed Brother. If you handle this right it will be right. Fallow your heart.

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    I am sorry but I do not like the name Alfie. He will be picked on in school. Why don't you call him Alfred? Then he can go by Al, or call him Alan, or Allen. Alfie reminds me of a name for a dog. Sorry.

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    i like the name alfie george james, and i like that u r including the name george after ur still born son.

    i think the name is very cute.

    good luck with ur son!

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    Sorry to be a bummer but it reminds me of either a hedgehog, a hippo, an elephant or a tortoise. Lots of boys called Alfie sound really shy, but you can call him that if you want too!

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    Alfie - sounds like a gay, Alfred is so masculine. George - hero of the legend of Saint George and the Dragon in which he slew a dragon and saved a princess.

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    I love the name Alfie!!!! I think its so unique! Alfie George sound nice!

    I'm sorry for your loss =[

    Mwah xxx

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    Sorry i don't like Alfie sounds kinda gay. I like the name George

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