Can I open a UK bank account without proof of address?

If i cant open a bank account account. What do i need to open a bank account for a friend (cousin) who is abroad who just want to buy a house here in the UK.

I'm a UK citizen have address, etc but he is not.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    No you need proof of address. You can use yours but you are responsible for anything your cousin does.

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  • Maria
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    4 years ago

    Proof of address can exist in a number of forms, for example a letter from your new GP (or the NHS), a letter from the Inland Revenue (ask for your NI history for example or confirmation of notification of resuming UK residency), a letter from the DWP (have you applied for JSA or ESA?), or an attestation from the owner/renter of the property you're living at (presumably your father). The latter would probably go a longer way if you're applying for an account at a bank where your father is a client. Also look at the "proof" lists provided by banks carefully. The Halifax and Co-op are reputedly more flexible than most banks. Also consider the Post Office. Good luck!

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